Guest Review: Briar’s Cowboys

Briar's CowboysBriar’s Cowboy by Brynn Paulin

3.5 out of 5 Licks

Over a decade ago, Briar Rhodes’ mother dragged her kicking and screaming from Daly. Briar  didn’t understand her mother’s sudden hatred of the idyllic town where  Briar had lived her entire life. With no other choice but to go, she’d  found herself adrift in a city so foreign to her it could never be home.

Now years later, Briar is shocked to inherit a ranch from the father she  never knew. However, it’s the foreman, Jax, and his team, Ram, Cannon  and Hawk who entrance her. Stunned by the almost immediate attraction,  she finds sensual pleasure and sexual satisfaction at their hands—all  their hands…and mouths…and bodies.

Suddenly she understands why  she was taken away—to protect her from this ménage lifestyle. But she  doesn’t want protection; she only wants more. For Briar and her cowboys, the Daly way is the only way.

The town  every girl wants to live in…Daly.  I mean who would not, they seem to  have the market on hot men who have no problem sharing women and are  experts at it 🙂  This is book 5 in the Daly Way series, but by no means do you have to read them in order to figure out what is going on.  Which, by the way is LOTS of sex!

I like that Briar is a strong person, she is smart and very  determined to make a go of the ranch she has inherited.  Now Jax and Ram who are her main hunks are just yummy and the scenes between them are  great.  Don’t get me wrong Cannon and Hawk are yummy too, but I think  there is someone else in their future…without giving away too much.

I enjoy this series because they are quick satisfying reads that get your blood pumping.  Are they going to win a Pulitzer? Don’t care!  They are good entertainment and should be viewed as such.  I love Brynn  and will continue reading her stories faithfully.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Review: Briar’s Cowboys

  1. Hey Kitty!!! Thanks for the review!!! Yepper, Cannon and Hawk, those naughty boys, have their own story coming up later this year. Right now, I’m working on Moon and the boys’ book — you met them in One for the Team.

    Thank you for reading!!! Much love!


  2. SheriV

    I live Brynn’s books. 🙂 Great review

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