Review: Sand, Surf, and Sunnie

SandSurfandSunnieAppSand, Surf, and Sunnie by Rhian Cahill

3.5 out of 5 Licks

From one bad date to two hot lovers…


Sunnie always thought she’d have the perfect normal life by now, but every guy she dates turns out to be a bigger dud than the last. It’s a shame her two best friends are off limits. Rand and Z are both perfect for her, but the three have been inseparable since childhood, and Sunnie would never be able to choose between them. And she couldn’t bear to lose the other.


When Sunnie comes storming in after another bad date, Rand can’t stay silent. All he wants to do is offer comfort, but once he begins, his desire for Sunnie explodes to the surface. And after that, it just keeps getting hotter.


Z knows the pact he and Rand made all those years ago to stay away from Sunnie has been broken. He also knows he’s not about to lose either of his best friends. So when Rand suggests the unthinkable, Z decides it might just be outrageous enough to work. But after being raised in a ménage home that ended badly, Sunnie’s not about to repeat her parents’ mistake. She wants a normal relationship, and a normal life…

This was a good read, but for some reason I just didn’t connect strongly with the characters.  I enjoyed them and I wanted them to be together, but I never had the can’t stop reading even for food or sleep vibe.  I’m not sure why.   All the elements I like were there: hot guy (two in fact), sweet yet sassy girl, emotional connection between characters-friends to lovers even, and of course sex.  The three characters have known each other for a long time and when the relationship builds you can tell they each have a sense of the other person.  The guys have a no touching relationship but it’s still there.  There were plenty of moments that had me laughing and some that made me tear up.  I got a bit annoyed with Sunnie’s response later in the book, but what is a book without a little dramatics.  🙂  The ending was sweet and wrapped up the book nicely. 

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One thought on “Review: Sand, Surf, and Sunnie

  1. Maria D.

    Good review! Love the cover for the book:)

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