Guest Review: Breathing His Air

300_thumb[3]Breathing His Air by Debra Kayn

4 out of 5 Licks

She is love advice in a coffee shack, he’s protection in a biker bar. When her past meets his present, it’s a killer cocktail that might get them shot, stabbed, or otherwise dead.

Tori Baldwin spends all her time traveling the states, running a mobile coffeeshack and handing out love advice with every cup. She’s staked her rig in the parking lot of Cactus Cove—a local biker bar by all appearances— and plans to stay put for three months. Just long enough to make some money, without making any friends, before she moves to her next destination as she tries to stay ahead of a painful past.

Rain Brookshire is the leader of the Bantorus motorcycle club, and owner of the Cactus Cove in the small town of Pitnam, Washington. He wants the Lagsturns, a rival-bad-news motorcycle club, to leave town before they infect his town with trouble.

With bullets flying and the Lagsturns putting on the pressure, the only way to keep Tori safe—since she refuses to leave town—is for Rain to claim her as his woman. She has no idea that Rain’s played his hand for all to see in the biker world. It doesn’t help that Tori exhibits the three ideal classifications of his ideal woman—Classy, Sexy, and a total Goof— and he can’t help but posture and lay down the law. But, when it appears Tori’s life is in danger, and the Lagsturns are innocent, he isn’t going to let the law stop him from keeping his woman safe.

Ms. Kayn delivers with another winner! 

We have a great story with a quirky, troubled, smart heroine and a possessive, bossy, hot hero.  The chemistry is evident from the first time Tori and Rain meet, but they definitely have to work for their happiness as they have a minefield of issues between them.

I have not read a lot about biker culture, but Wow, oh Wow is Rain Alpha biker man hot!  Rain is a smart, powerful business man, who is also the leader of the local motorcycle club.  Rain is the kind of man who takes care of what he considers his and he considers Tori his to protect.  Though Tori does not see his bossiness as anything but controlling and the bickering that ensues is fun to read.  Tori with her own demons to come to terms with tries to run away from Rain all the time, but in some of the sweetest moments he promises to run with Tori.  Tori is a great character in that she  is beautiful, independent, businesswoman, but she has had a terrible past that with Rain by her side can help her come to terms with.  I loved their arduous, yet heartwarming romance.

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  1. Maria D.

    Good review! This sounds like a book I would enjoy reading

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