Review and Contest: Vicente

vicente_450Vicente by Melissa Schroeder

5 out of 5 Licks

Vince Santini considers himself the last man standing. Being the only unmarried brother is a badge of honor, until the woman had always been in his heart returns. Acting on his attraction hadn’t been an option seeing that she was his best friend’s girl, but now she is single and free for him to pursue.

Julianna Andrews is a survivor. It took her years to walk away from her abusive husband, and now all she cares about is building her business. She doesn’t have time for Vince or the temptation he represents. He is a reminder of her past. One argument leads to a heated kiss, and the passion that threatens to consume them both.

Vince knows that Jules might not be ready for happily ever after with anyone, but he is bound and determined to convince her that he can give her that—and more. This Santini is happy to be the last man standing—as long as he is HER man.

Vince’s book is sadly the last in this series-well for now anyway…Mel said she is going to write a Christmas story for Mom and Dad Santini. 🙂 I has so throughly enjoyed this series. Vince, the oldest of The Santini brothers, might have been the last to get his happy ending but he certainly hasn’t been quite up until now. He’s been popping into the other brother’s books with his older brother wisdom. I was so emotionally attached to these brothers that I really didn’t want to finish this book. Jules has had such a rough life and after Vince learns the truth about her abusive husband he may understand her hesitance to be in a relationship, but that won’t stop a Santini. After showing her how hot they are in bed, he proceeds to show her how much she deserves her own happy ever after. Vince’s story was heartwarming and everything I hoped it would be. Once I started I couldn’t stop reading until I was finished.

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This series was so awesome that I am going to do a giveaway to celebrate it. I am going to giveaway all 4 ebooks in the series to ONE lucky winner. I will also be giving FOUR Santini posters signed by Mel! Here is a picture of the poster.

PosterTo enter click this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Fine Print: Grand prize winner must be able to receive books via Amazon gifting. Poster winners must be in the US. Sorry it’s expensive to mail them out of the country.


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30 thoughts on “Review and Contest: Vicente

  1. shaynarenee33

    The best thing about military romances are the incredibly hot military men! ❤

  2. chrisbails

    I love Melissa’s books a lot. I love this series. I have read Marco and Leonardo and loved them. I have Gianni in my TBR pile. Plus he is my favorite, so very excited to read. I also am excited for Vincente’s book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I love the men, their loyalty and honor.

  4. Jordan H.

    I love Melissa’s books but haven”t read this series yet. I will definitely be checking them out now.

  5. Mary McCoy

    Military romances usually emphasize the hero/heroine’s sense of duty to family and country. Also, the heros are usually pretty fit and make a droolworthy cover or 4.

  6. Angela Love

    Military romances are awesome because “Alpha Male” is written all thru the books you can’t have Military and Not have Alpha….. I love the heat they bring and I LOVE Melissa’s style!!!!

  7. DebraG

    The best part is of course the men, but also their commitment and their loyalty and ability to get the job done.

  8. Lori meehan

    Hot alpha men in uniforms. They take care of all that they hold dear. If its their loved ones or their country they stand tall.

  9. What I like about Military romance are the heartfelt stories and the characters in the book work so hard to make it work… I look back on my parents marriage,my Dad was an active serviceman for 22 years,they were married 62 years,and how my mother had to be strong for the family while he was away on tours(there are 4 children)—I love a good military romance where the woman doesn’t have to be strong all the time,but she can’t be a whiner,she has to be strong for her man and her family,and the man has to be sensitive about her fears and love her in spite of them…..Because as we know,many of them don’t come home,and when they do,they need a strong support system at home to help them deal with what they went through…….I have the utmost support for our Service men & women past and present,for without them doing what they do,we would not have the freedoms we have today ……….

  10. Timitra

    I love military heroes because they’re more than the average alpha, more dominant, more possessive, more overprotective!

  11. Becki Wyer

    This is another terrific series from Melissa. Love the Santinis (have you seen those pecs?) *sigh*

  12. kp

    What’s not to love…hot heroes in uniforms!!

  13. MichelleW (MsRomanticReads)

    I love military romances because I fell for a military hero 🙂 It’s kind of natural to re-live that “high” over and over with these great stories. I think it’s just simpler to identify with the characters and what they go through (at least with certain books). Then there’s their loyalty, selflessness, courage, etc. And who can resist the tough alpha male of your dreams putting on his uniform and coming to get you? See, I have a very active imagination, lol. Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. Vanessa Duncan

    I loved this military romance series from Melissa. Once I started each book I couldn’t put it down. Maybe we will get a Lifetime mini series.. 🙂

  15. Debbie Jensen

    I love books about military men because they are all hero’s.

  16. Donna _A

    Honor is sexy. The Santini men rock

  17. I love military romances because of the deep relationships that the couple forms. It seems that the bond is a stronger one when it deals with the military.

  18. Lovin your blog hun and thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway … dying for the poster!

  19. vampedchik

    I love the sexy military men. Their very honorable and brave. I have the first of this series but I would so love to get them all! 🙂

  20. I am feeling flustered by the giveaway! These have been on my wish list for so long! I love military romance because the men are Men! If you know what I mean.

  21. Tammy S.

    Hot military men!!

  22. I love military stories, because the men are all heroes and incredibly hot! Thanks for the chance to win

  23. Joanne B

    I love military stories because of the hero/heroine’s sense of duty to their country and the one(s) they love.

  24. shadowluvs2read

    I love military stories! I love how loyal, sweet, brave they are. and gotta love the dominance in a hero!

  25. Meghan Stith

    I love how strict and straight-laced military men can be!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  26. Military men are awesome alpha men! Love them!!

  27. Marlene Breakfield

    My favorite thing about military romance is the hot, heroic men.

  28. Dana

    These look so good!

  29. flchen1

    I love being reminded of real-life heroes 🙂 Military heroes are nothing if not spectacular 🙂

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