RT Contest Continues

Let’s continue with my RT recap…

About 30 minutes away from the hotel I get a text message.  It’s this picture.

Back to RT madness.  Wednesday was the busiest day or RT for me.  For the first time I was on a panel. *squee* 🙂 It was called Parsing the Smexy” Erotic Romance Defined.  Myself, another blogger, 2 authors, and an editor for Carina Press were discussing the finer points of how what makes erotic romance erotic.  It was a lot of fun.  There were some pretty interesting comments made including one I doubt I’ll ever forget.  One very out spoken lady posed the question…Is it a one hand read?  I was tired so forgive me for taking a moment for that to sink in.  lol Once it hit me what she meant I was laughing so hard!

After that panel I had an hour to get everything set up for the Smutketeers and Nine Naughty Novelists Cover Model Karaoke.  This is the second time they have done the karaoke event and it has been a blast every time!  This year we had more models come party with us and they really livened up the crowd.  We sang and had a great time.

2013-05-01 14.34.51Me right before I ran down to get started with set up.  🙂

2013-05-01 16.04.49

Here is a small clip recorded by Erin Simone.  She has it on her You Tube page so I hope she doesn’t mind me posting here. 😉

I hope everyone there had a good time!!

Wednesday night was Disco Party night so I wore my new silver and black tutu.  We were a bit rushed for time so these are the only have a few pics from that night.  lol

2013-05-01 22.16.36Getting your boobs in just the right place is a very important part of corset wearing.  😉

2013-05-01 22.12.48My awesome roomies Gigi and Ann Mayburn!

2013-05-02 11.15.36Some of the best people I’ve ever met!!  I love getting the chance to see my friends in person!

Contest time: Click the link below to be entered to win an RT prize pack full of books and swag.  Let’s make this an easy question: Have you ever sang karaoke?

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This contest is for followers located in the US only.  Sorry it’s expensive to mail them out of the country.


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31 thoughts on “RT Contest Continues

  1. Beverly Gordon

    yes i have sang karaoke its super fun ty for the chance as well as the recap u rock!

  2. Phuong

    I’ve sang karaoke once at a friend’s party and I was horrible, even with a duet lol 🙂 I had a blast at the RT Cover Model Karaoke watching everyone else sing though. Hope we have this again next year!

  3. No,I’ve never sang karaoke,I have a fear of being in front of a crowd….. Thanks again for the giveaway and the opportunity

  4. chrisbails

    I have once with a group of people. It was with some co workers and we sang American Pie witb Don MacLean. I like watching more than singing
    I want a swag pack. That is for the giveaway.

  5. jennifer mathis

    I dont do karaoke for the safety of others but dang i do screech at the top of my lungs at my house my neighbors just laugh so maybe they are tone deaf too lol

  6. jennifer mathis

    pssst btw im stalking you lol . hey it told me to say that 😉

  7. meingee

    Have never sung karaoke in my life.

  8. shadowluvs2read

    yes..and i havent since. im not very good at it. lol

  9. Teresa Kleeman

    I’m a singer and performing artist with my Nations Dance & Song Troupe. So the answer to your question is I love Karaoke. I even enter contest for money. I must say I do rather well at.. I also wanted to let you know I follow your blog and I shared your contest on my face book page.
    I love reading the interesting topics you talk about. Love the pics from RT.

  10. DebraG

    I have tried Karaoke. It is more fun after a few drinks. I do follow your blog

  11. carol L

    I agree with DebraG, after a few drinks everyone sounds great and it’s easier to sing Karaoke. But I have only done so once many years ago. A disaster as far as I’m concerned but lots of fun.
    Email subscriber.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. No I haven’t done karaoke yet in a bar but I have done it at home with my niece.

  13. Lori meehan

    No and there’s not enough alcohol in the world to get me to sing karaoke either. Lol

  14. Jane

    I’ve sang karaoke many times. I’m stalking you.

  15. vampedchik

    Haha yes. It was at a surprise bday party for my brother.

    • vampedchik

      Oh and I’m stalking you via wordpress. 🙂

  16. Brandi S.

    I’m too shy so I have never sang karaoke. I tend to sing in the car when the music is blasting and no one will hear me lol

  17. mathlady68

    Never in public. I don’t believe in making innocent people have ear bleeds! 😉

  18. dragonkeep62

    Yes I’ve sang karaoke but only once in public.Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Meghan Stith

    I follow you via email and yes, I sing karaoke a lot. I was a vocal major for a year in college so I don’t really have a problem singing in front of people.

  20. I haven’t sang karaoke before, I’ve had chances to but I’m too shy..
    I’m following you (:

  21. We used to do Happy Hour with a gang from work, and there was always a Karaoke session once we got really ‘happy’

  22. lisagk

    Too shy for singing in public. Thanks for the contest. lisagk(at)yahoo

  23. I have sang karaoke before…and I suck! So I don’t do it unless everyone has had a good amount of liquor. Then I sound real good.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  24. Mary McCoy

    I sing karaoke, but only when I am sober and everyone else is drunk enough to think I rock!

  25. Umm no. I don’t want to be arrested for disturbing the peace or impersonating a dying cow…LOL
    Michelle Bledsoe

  26. Thanks for the chance to win.I shared on facebook.
    Facebook name is Sherry Johnson

  27. Jessica

    haha um no one wants to hear me sing unless they want to lose their hearing. LOL! I do like to hear others though.

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  29. Kim P

    I’ve never sung karaoke and that’s a good thing for everyone else! I’m following you!

  30. Congratulations on being a panelist! I would have been to nervous to do anything but sit there (even though I got an A in speech class talking in front of crowds still gives me major wiggins)!

    P.S ~ Lovin the cat ears and tutu!

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