RT Contest: Saturday

Saturday was giant book fair day.  Tons of authors were signing books and meeting with fans.  It is a blast.  There are so many people there that it is quite overwhelming but it is totally worth it!

2013-05-04 10.52.36R.G. Alexander was there in spirit!

2013-05-04 10.12.01Skylar Kade was giving away customized crops!

2013-05-04 10.49.09Cherry Adair insisted I take a picture with Scott Nova.  I made the sacrifice.  lol

2013-05-04 10.49.26Then Cherry took a picture with Scott.  Notice her awesome shoes!!  She said this was the first time she ever wore purple!  I told her she must wear it more often!

Saturday night was fun and sad.  Since it is the last night there Gigi and I walked around the lobby area to try to see as many people as we could before we left.  By this point everyone is exhausted and sometimes drunk so it’s tons of fun!  Lexxie Couper was a wee bit tipsy when she noticed I had an iPhone too.  It hit her that we could text via iMessage and it would be free.  She attempted to put her number in my phone but it was the wrong one…I mean way wrong.  I hope the person who got the message “Hey sexy.  It’s KittyKelly” enjoyed that.  lol Thankfully I didn’t send a pic.  While waiting to see if the messages would go through I did dirty things to Michelle Boone.  It was awesome!  Once we got the numbers straight I got about 5 picture messages of various selfies taken of her and everyone else on the couch making kissy/ducky faces.  So I sent her this one.

2013-05-04 23.12.53

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final RT wrapup and chance to win!

CONTEST: Answer this question of the day to enter to win. What author signature would you want the most? For me I don’t have a favorite signature.  I love (and hoard) them all equally.  I now have 265 signed books and I love them.

Click below to enter the contest.

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27 thoughts on “RT Contest: Saturday

  1. chrisbails

    I have quite a few signed books and some good ones at that. I would really love to have Jeaniene Frost, Laurel K Hamilton, and Melissa Schroeder

  2. Shadow

    I cant pick a favorite either. Each author is special and each signature is like treasure. You know how theres celebrities and famous people? You get those fan girl moments? When it comes to authors, thats how i feel! Getting a message from them, talking to them, getting a signature, etc. OMG! lol I have those moments and i have to show everyone! lol

  3. I can’t choose just one! Haha I think I’d want James Patterson, R.G. Alexander, and Vi Keeland

  4. DebraG

    I could not choose either. I have all my signed books but not sure of the number.

  5. carol L

    It’s hard to pick just one because I love them all. But Diana Gabaldon, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Stephanie Lauren and Pamela Clare would be great to have.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  6. Lori meehan

    I love all the signed books that I get. Its so nice thatva author signs a book. But I would love to get Judith McNaughts signature.

  7. suzlyne

    I don’t have near the autographs you have but I love all of them I’ve got! I would love to have Linda Howard’s autograph on her book Dream Man though. That is my favorite book of hers.

  8. Phuong

    I love all the autographed books I have! I would love to get my Harmless books signed by Melissa Schroeder and my Linda Howard collection that I’ve had for 20+ years.

  9. I have several favorite author signatures. I am wanting Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Shelly Laurenston and Linda Howard signed books/swag. One day I will get them…LOL
    Michelle Bledsoe

  10. Joy F

    I’d love Amy Plum and Veronica Roth just to name two.

  11. I have a few of my favorite authors’ signatures. I want Lexxie Couper, Rhian Cahill, Cari Quinn, and more from Jess Dee, Mari Carr, & Jayne Rylon.

  12. Sheila F

    That’s a hard question to answer I have so many author’s I like. To name some would be Lora Leigh, Diana Palmer, Jayne Rylon, Lori Foster and many more.

  13. I love so many genres and authors that I could not choose just one signature ! I treasure them all !!

  14. vampedchik

    Oh geez! Thats like asking to pick a favorite child!!! There are sooo many that I would covet! I adore any author signature that I get. But to name a few.. Maya Banks, Lora Leigh, Shelly Laurenston, and Lori Foster.

  15. Jane

    I would like to have Lisa Marie Rice’s autograph.

  16. mathlady68

    I love all of my signed books. They are like lovely little children to me! I really love my Jacqueline Frank signature because I had her sign a rare hardcover book. The signature I really want is Jacqueline Carey. I would even spend the money to get a first edition of Kushiel’s Dart. I love it that much!

  17. Jessica

    I would hoard signed books too! I’d really like a signed book by Mary Balogh or Liz Carlyle. Elizabeth Hoyt, Sherry Thomas, and Sylvia Day are up there too. I was lucky that one of my fave male authors signed all 6 of his books and each are personalized even though all he had to do was sign his name.

  18. Maria D.

    Looks like another great day and I would totally like signed books by Patricia Briggs, Nalini Singh and Ilona Gordon. Of course that’s just on the paranormal side of me…there are a ton of other signatures I’d want too …lol

  19. June M.

    I am like you, there is no way I could pick just one or even just a dozen, lol. Love and cherish my authographed books…most are never read, I buy another copy to read, lol 🙂

  20. Beverly Gordon

    cant say I have a fav at all really I love all the books and covet all of m favorite authors signature on my books so yeah I have to say i couldnt pick just one over the other

  21. Mary McCoy

    I would love to have JAK’s signature on Shield’s Lady, the first book of hers I ever read.

  22. Brandi S.

    I would pretty much be happy with any signatures from authors that I could get 🙂

  23. Larena Hubble

    I have too many favorites to ever just pick one.

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  25. I am like you I adore all my author signed books so I would as if I were abandoning some if I ever had to choose just one. But I totally had a fan girl moment when I went to this little book store about and hour or so from my house and Sherrilyn Kenyon was there. Aside from my treasured books I do have a poster that my love Damon Suede gave me at AAD of his Hot Head book that is signed “Kisses to all your pink places. I hope you keep curling up with me and my men. Hugs and Kiss Damon” My friend was hella jelly over that and to this day she is still a little bitter. LoL!

  26. jessiel62

    I’m with you, I would take any signature I could get. I have too many authors that I love to read. Thanks for the giveaway!

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