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15708021Highland Fling by Krystal Brookes

3 out of 5 Licks

When Fiona Campbell travels home to the Island of Kilrigh for her best friend’s wedding, she doesn’t count on meeting up with Brodie MacNeil, her childhood friend. Fiona can’t help but be charmed by the Laird’s handsome son – until he starts to tell her some home truths.

A city girl at heart, Fiona tries to resist his charms and his offer of a life together on the tiny island. Can Fiona heal the rift with her father enough to accept Brodie’s offer and take on the job as the island’s vet or will she walk out on the one man she truly loves?

Highland Fling…you had me at kilt-wearing Scottish man. I can’t help it. I see a sexy hunk on the cover of a book wearing nothing but a tartan patterned skirt and my heart does a little jig.

The first book in the Kilrigh Heat Series, Highland Fling is a nice short story. The plot is well thought out although sometimes the scenes are choppy. For me, I don’t like to bounce around so much. I like to get into the story and stay there.

The author employs one of my favorite romantic tropes in her book; friends to lovers. And what a lucky girl Fiona is to have an old friend like Brodie. He’s an all-around good guy and has the biceps of a man who competes in the caber toss (That means he’s built…many thanks to the author for that!) For my tastes I would have preferred him to be more alpha though and have some conflict of his own to deal with.

Now, I’d be picking out my wedding dress if a man like Brodie was showing me what’s under his kilt, forget a fling. But this wouldn’t be a story without some bumps in the road. Fiona’s reasons for her conflicted feelings are all believable, but if the author had delved a little deeper into the heroine’s point of view when it came to these issues instead of glossing over them, I might have connected with her on a deeper emotional level.

That’s a general theme for me with this story. Just a little more emotion, a stronger point of view, is what I wanted.  I often felt I was on the outside looking in and not inside the character’s head. If there was less tell, more show, then the sex scenes, which are plentiful and well choreographed, might have given me some real zings. However, if you don’t read really smokin’ hot erotica, this might do it for you.
Overall, it’s a good read. It’s just not written in a style that I particularly connect with. This is my first time reading this author and I’d be willing to take a look at another one of her stories.

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  1. Maria D.

    Thanks for the review – I have to admit that I have a weakness for kilted heroes

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