Name the Pride Winners!!!!

HK WinnerAnd we have winners!!

Thanks to everyone for their name suggestions for my pride!!  I am so excited to have these girls join me and I can’t wait for you to start getting to know them better through their reviews.  Now without further ado the winners are:


Theresa Lisiecki-Pillow

Betty Huang

Shelia F


Ladies please email me at kittykelly28 @ (no spaces) with subject line Name The Pride Winner.  I will allow you to pick your prize.  Here is a reminder:

A book from my prize bookshelf of awesomeness (I will send you the list to choose from) and assorted swag-trust me I stuff the package as full as I can.

A signed copy of Jenna Jacob’s Embracing My Submission and tons of swag

A choice of one ebook from Rhian Cahill’s backlist

Please pick one choice and email me.  It will be first come first serve so email me quickly!!  🙂  And congrats ladies!

Update: And I just heard from my last reviewer and they now all have names.  Please give a smutty welcome to my Pride-give em a pet too.  They like that. 😉


Mrs. TittyTat

Wicked Whiskers

Mistress Mittens

Sexx Kitten

Kinky Kitten

Witty Kitty

Until next time.  Stay dirty. 😉


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4 thoughts on “Name the Pride Winners!!!!

  1. YAY!!!

  2. Tammy S.


  3. Those are some great names!

  4. Lori meehan

    Those are some great names.

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