Review: Dirty Distractions

Dirty Distractions cover Dirty Distractions by Cari Quinn

3.5 out of 5 Licks

She wants a fling, and he wants forever…

Zoologist Sara Carmichael’s active social life is the envy of all her friends, but she has a secret. She’s bored senseless. If she has to go to one more bird sanctuary fundraiser with some guy who thinks his little sports car makes him “hip,” she’ll scream.

Enter Brad O’Halloran, her best friend Kim’s much younger brother. A guy who’s picking up the pieces after a quickie marriage and even quicker divorce. A guy so hot he makes her body scream with frustration.

Until Sara’s apartment is renovated, they’re all living at Kim’s place. Despite her determination to not to salivate at glimpses of Brad’s finer-than-fine body in nothing but a low-slung towel, flirtation escalates to the brink of something more.

Now one of them has to back down…or ante up for some good, dirty fun with the unspoken understanding that when the time comes, they’ll make a clean break. Neither anticipated they’d make the most complicated connection of all—love.

Warning: This book contains a hero who knows how to make engines— and women—purr, seduction while on cold meds, and a heroine who might be a little older but still enjoys learning a few naughty new tricks.

This book had some super hot moments between Sara and Brad.  It’s a miracle they were able to keep their relationship a secret for as long as they did with all the noise they made.  lol  There were some things that happened while she was sick that kind of irked me out but that’s probably just because I like to be left alone when I’m sick.  Go get me a drink or some food and then leave me alone!  lol  While I did enjoy the book I had a hard time getting sucked into it.  I felt that it dragged a bot in places and with my short attention span that meant I would put it down and come back to it later.  But I did enjoy the overall story line of the book.  Brad and Sara work well together and you can’t help but fall for a man who takes care of you when you are sick and then showers you with sweet gestures and sexy baths when you are better!  I laughed a lot while reading this book which is always fun.  I love a book that can make me laugh out loud and this one definitely succeeded.  I’m excited to see this is the start of a series cause I really want to read Kim’s (Brad’s sister) book next!!

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