Guest Author: Emily Hemmer

Today we have the wonderful Emily Hemmer talking about writing a book.

So I wrote a book.  I thought it’d be easy.  I love to read, love to write, I thought, this is going to be a piece of cake!  Boy, was I wrong.  Writing is incredible and therapeutic and rewarding.  Editing teaches you so much about yourself and your craft, you’ll be amazed at all you learn.  Meeting fellow writers and readers is like being inducted into a giant club in which everyone ‘gets you’ from the very first sentence.  But putting your book, and yourself, out into the world to be read, critiqued, judged… that shit’s hard.  Now whenever I hear someone singing, “Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you,” I want to punch that bitch in the throat.
(Kitty here: LMAO I think that all the time!)
Whether I realized it or not, I started my journey as a writer in the second grade.  I wrote a sequel to The Fall of the House of Usher, which I titled, The Return of Madeline, for our book project.  It was complete with images of severed hands and blood-tears.  My teacher, God bless her, wrote, “Emily, thank you for sharing your story. You seem to really enjoy writing.  Good for you!!  -Ms. V.”
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Some small, albeit morbid, part of me knew then what I know now; there is no universe more expansive than the one that exists in your mind.  We readers know that already, but I had to relearn and build new trust in that theory when I sat down and started typing.  What if no one liked my story?  What if the book bombed and I could only count on my mom and sisters for sales?  When I started writing The Break-Up Psychic, I had to fight tooth and nail to stay focused and positive.  For a new writer, it’s incredibly easy to allow fear of rejection to stifle your creativity and desire.  I told myself every single day that writing was my catalyst for a chance at a big life.  A life free of limitations and open to every possibility I’d ever imagined.
I know I’m waxing poetic here and don’t worry, I stick to fun one-liners and hot sex in the books, but for this post, I wanted to connect with you guys on another level.  When we read, we escape and transform and these stories linger in our minds for years.  It’s the only sure way I know of to actually live another life because as Dumbledore said, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?”  Writing is hard, but not writing would mean I’d never get to take my story and let it go for a little ride through your imagination.  And that’s pretty fucking cool.
(Kitty again: She quotes Harry Potter and I happen to know she also loves The Big Bang Theory-clearly I love her)
XoXo,  Emily
You can learn more about Emily at the following places.
Break Up
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3 thoughts on “Guest Author: Emily Hemmer

  1. Audrey Carlan

    Great read. The article and the book. Loved them both. Emily’s going to take this world by storm.

  2. Perfectly honest and funny. Well said. Also you were a freaky kid and had a very good teacher. Today you’da been immediately slapped in therapy by the school system. Lol

  3. emilyhemmer

    Audrey and Pren – thank you! The thing is, I’m such an upbeat kind a gal – but at the same time – I have a seriously morbid imagination. I smell a YA dystopian romance in my future. 😉

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