Review: House of Rooseters: Melissa’s Story

1208631 House of Roosters: Melissa’s Story by Amanda Jilling

3.5 out of 5 Licks

Welcome to the House of Roosters. You’re entering a unique club created by women for women for the sole purpose of providing a safe place to explore sexual fantasies and meet sexual needs. Here you’ll meet the men, the Roosters, who are recruited to facilitate these explorations and meet these needs. But women run the show. If a man can’t make the ladies happy, well, his goose is cooked. You’ll meet a multitude of women, the Happy Ladies, with a variety of needs and desires. Maybe one of them is like you. Maybe you would like to be one.  You guys, surely, will want to be a rooster. In Book One of the series, Melissa’s Story, we learn about the trials and tribulations involved in founding the club. From a small circle of nineteen women and three roosters in a suburban house the club expands, within the short period of a year, till it requires the space of an old factory building.

Many women today, socialize and bond at book clubs, knitting circles or walking groups.  The women of “House of Roosters,” take bonding with each other to a whole new level.  These entrepreneurs start a “Rooster House.” Its sole purpose is to recruit and screen men who ensure they leave as “Happy Ladies,” by helping them live out their sexual fantasies.

This first installment in the series, as narrated by Melissa, finds the women creating a Board of Directors and committees to recruit, screen and “test” men for the Rooster House.  The men selected are not the typical romance novel cover models; they represent men of all ages and walks of life.  Think casting call for “The Full Monty,” with the vibe of “Boogie Nights.” 

They provide a full-service operation – all shapes, sizes, positions and experiences, depending on what their female customers desire.  From conversations, to public petting and toy play, including a Sybian and sex swing, to threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, there is something for every woman at the Rooster House!

For about the next year and a half, the Rooster House gains popularity.  The Rooster Roster swells (pun intended) and membership in the Happy Ladies Club grows by leaps and bounds.  As they run out of space in their original location, they start searching for new, bigger locations for the Rooster House and hire a staff to manage operations.   Once they find the ideal location, renovations take place and… email the author’s at to find out what happens next.  (When new stories or special offers are available, she emails her fans.)

I give “House of Roosters,” 3.5 licks out of 5, because I almost had to draw a chart to keep all the Happy Ladies and Roosters straight as the story went on.  I recommend it to anyone looking for a humorous story about swinging/multiple-partners, sex in public and voyeurism.   I’m curious to see where Ms. Jilling takes the characters in the next story.

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    Thanks for the review – this is a new to me author and book

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