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MuscleforHireDRAFTV1-200x300Muscle for Hire by Lexxie Couper

4 out of 5 Licks

Protecting her was never going to be easy. 

Heart of Fame, Book 2

After sixteen years as the personal bodyguard to the world’s biggest rock star, ex-SAS commando Aslin Rhodes excels in the role of intimidating protector, oozing threatening menace. Now that the singer has retired, Aslin takes a new assignment as a military consultant on a blockbuster film. But just as he’s getting comfortable in the world of Hollyweird, he faces an unexpectedly immovable object. An American martial arts expert no taller than his chin, who promptly puts him on his arse.

Rowan Hemsworth’s focus is two-fold—keep her famous brother grounded, and never again be a defenseless victim. She has her hands full as the fun police, keeping her brother’s money-sucking entourage at bay. But nothing prepared her for the British mountain of muscle who makes her knees go uncharacteristically weak.

When a string of accidents on set convinces Aslin that Rowan—not her brother—is the target, things get bloody tricky as he tries to convince the stubborn woman she needs his protection. And accept that she belongs with him. In his arms, in his bed…and in his heart.

Product Warnings

The strong, silent type don’t come much more silent and strong than Aslin Rhodes. But when he does speak his British accent will drive you mad with desire. As will his menacing, dominating power. And what he can do to a woman on the back of a motorcycle.

Muscle for Hire by Lexxie Couper was a first for me since I never read anything by her prior to Heart of Fame series. When I read the title it automatically captured my attention but not in the context I was thinking … insert dirty thoughts here … LoL! After further details into this book I discovered it was the second in a series so naturally before I could dive into Muscle for Fire I had to read the first book Love’s Rhythm … sorry I’m kinda neurotic that way. Anywho, I adored Love’s Rhythm and would gladly recommend reading it but as a warning I will tell you in that in my opinion it reminded me a little of Olivia Cunning’s Sinners on Tour. So if you’re a Sinner I think you would definitely enjoy reading Love’s Rhythm.

In Love’s Rhythm we meet the hero of Muscle for Hire. We don’t know much about him other then the fact that he is a former SAS Commander, currently the bodyguard for the infamous singer Nick Blackthorne and hates being called a Pom/Pommie Bastard by the nosy in your face paparazzi.

In Muscle for Hire we discover what is hidden behind the shades of Aslin Rhodes and where his future may fall now that Nick Blackthorne has decided to trade fans for family. At first glance Aslin has a seriously stoic and intimidating demeanor but what everyone doesn’t know is that this mean wall of muscle has a loving heart hidden beneath the guarded exterior that has a taste for a little pain and perhaps a touch of exhibition … back alley against a wall, parking lot on the back of a motorcycle … nothing adds anticipation like the chances of being caught (which is always delicious in my eyes).

 Aslin’s unknown future is found on the set of Dead Evil in the surprising and unsuspected pint-size package of … enter the heroine … Rowan Hemsworth. She’s a tough, kick-ass cookie who can roll with the punches but underneath the martial arts and the attitude lurks a vulnerable woman who isn’t sure which path to follow. Naturally I loved her character from the beginning.

Aside from the instant sexual tension between these two characters, this is a romantic suspense book that had me guessing who the villain really was up until the very end which is what I enjoy most from suspense romance. Well that and the smart-mouth banter of awesome one liners that leads to fight for dominant control that has these two bunting heads one moment and lip-locking the next. With equal parts stubbornness and determination Rowan and Aslin make a perfect match for each other. My only concern is that the romance was too instantaneous … 3 days isn’t enough to develop true feelings of love but then again if some was trying to kill me and I had a sexy dominant man wanting to protect and ravage me at the same time I could see myself confusing words of love too.

Final Thought …

I hope Heart of Fame #3 continues on with Chris Huntley (Hemsworth  … yeah Thor shout-out!), Rowan’s younger brother so that I will not only get to see Chris struggled his way through love but also get to see glimpse of  where life has taken Rowan, Aslin, Nick and Lauren.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Muscle for Hire

  1. Audrey Carlan

    Ms. Wicked Whiskers,
    I LOVED this novel. I was so disappointed when you had already chosen it for review. 😦 But alas, Ms. Couper did a number on me with writing Aslin. Out of her books, he’s my favorite fictional boyfriend for sure! I thought this book was a great release from the standard love story because it had the suspense “who dunnit” element as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Between Jess Dee and Lex Couper these Aussie Authors are kicking some mad booty all over the romance/erotic fiction world. Love em’! I’ve already “one-clicked” Guarded Desires which is Book 3 in the series. It’s a M/M story so it ought to be wildly different than the first two!


  2. Maria D.

    Thanks for the review !

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