Review: Lover Enraptured

aa058eeebc4eef97a2b299b3455c8bdc_mrufLover Enraptured by Jodi Redford

4 out of 5 Licks

Thieves of Aurion, Book 2
Looks like someone’s knees are going to get a workout.

Avily Donahoe has dated way too many losers trying to get over Jerrick Hunter, the man who taught her everything about the life of crime she left behind. Now he has the balls to show up and ask her to pose as his sub, complete with skimpy leather outfit, to get inside a no-faes-allowed sex club?

Oh, hell no. If anyone’s going to be wearing next to nothing, it’s going to be Jerrick…as her bitch.

Five years ago, Jerrick realized the lonely kid he’d taken under his wing had grown into a tempting, desirable woman–and he’d cut her loose. If gaining her help now means hitting his knees with a leash and collar, so be it.

But soon their front escalates into an all-too-real erotic game where the prize is the one thing that tantalizes him beyond reason. Their hearts aren’t the only thing they’ll lose if they fail. It could mean the end of everything–and everyone–they know and love.

Warning: This book contains male groveling, the occasional blindfold and feather tickler, wicked sex magic, and a fae thief who isn’t afraid to wear ass-less chaps when the job calls for it.

Jodi delivers another winner!

This story is so fun and sexy!  I didn’t get any sleep last night and it is all Jodi’s fault…lol  No, really, her world building is first rate and you really get into not jut the characters but the world they live in.  I think everyone is figuring out I am a sucker for fun and snarky dialog and that is one of the reasons I love this book and Jodi’s other works.

This story kind of reminds me of the old show Remington Steele, well a much sexier, BDSM version…LOL  If you kind of get what I mean, Jerrick is the thief who though has issues, has a heart of gold and a soft spot.  Avily, is the spunky, smart and sexy partner.  This a great adventure/mystery that has Jerrick trying to still information/formula to save the girl.  A great twist in the story is when they must infiltrate a BDSM club and Avi only agrees to help if she gets to be the Domme and Jerrick the sub, those are some sexy scenes and fun to see Jerrick being the sub in his ass-less chaps

This book book should appeal to a wide range of people because it has a little bit of something for everyone.  Now, it is book two in the series, but it can be read as a stand alone.  Cannot forget the cover, it is hot! KittyKelly here: Holy shit balls that cover amazes me every time I see it! 

One last thing, where do we sign up for the magically woven condoms??? 😉

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One thought on “Review: Lover Enraptured

  1. Oh PussyWillow you had me at “Remington Steele.” I will forever be in love with Pierce Brosnan because of that show. One question, is this sci-fi/fantasy or straight adult contemporary?

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