Review: Branded

brandedBranded by Kate Pearce

5 out of 5 Licks

Who doesn’t like a sexy, dirty cowboy? Enjoy four red hot short stories from bestselling author Kate Pearce featuring many women’s favorite fantasy.

Warning: This book contains m/m/f, m/m and BDSM sexual situations. All stories have been previously published.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Pearce back in 2011 when I attended my first RT convention.  I’ve been able to see her each year since and I cannot express how much I love her.  Her lovely accent along with her quick wit makes her super fun to hang out with.  When she sent me this set of short stories this is what she said about them “It’s only short stories but they are pretty filthy”.  Well that’s all I needed to know.  lol  🙂  This book includes four previously released short stories by Kate: May The Best Man Win, Independence Day, Cowboy Up, and Sunday Service.  Each of these tends to lean more toward an erotic read so you will have to let go of the hope for a HEA.  You will not have to let go of sex though.  There is some seriously hot cowboy sex happening in these stories.  Do not read these in public-trust me you are going to want some privacy or be into public exhibitionism for the things you will want to do after reading these!!  I thought my iPad was going to burst into flames-which I was of course thrilled about!  🙂  Check it out for yourselves!  And if you haven’t read Kate’s work yet please take this opportunity to do so!  You will not regret it!  Kate Pearce writes some of the hottest books I’ve ever read!

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