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980829Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley

4 out of 5 Licks

Trying to bring back the morals of yesterday, Jason Winters is determined to build a new society. Everything is going as planned until he meets the fiery, Taylor McKnight. Now, he questions if he is trying to build happiness…when what he really needs to do, is find happiness.
Taylor McKnight’s entire life is about to change with one single proposition. She is willing to take on the adventure, but is she willing to take on the man? The bigger question: could she fall in love with a man, while bent over his knee?
Warning: This Domestic Discipline novel contains scenes with spanking and graphic sex.

The first thing that drew to this book was the interesting concept.  A modern day man wants to take his sister along with a small group of others to create a utopia that lives by the rules and standards of the 1800’s.  Jason Winter’s and his sister Mandy have faced tragedy in the past, with the loss of their parents.  Mandy has been emotionally damaged by the tragic loss and lives in her own happy world. 

Mandy befriends Taylor McKnight, who is rumored to be a witch and sells herbs and other health cures to her sick and desperate customers.  Jason, worried his sister is being taken advantage of confronts Taylor, at first sight the attraction heats up.  Jason, deciding Taylor really does care for his sister invites her to join them on their utopian adventure, however, Taylor must follow Jason’s rules or there will be consequences.

This erotic romance that includes domestic discipline (spankings and a few other surprises) is a hot and sexy read with a creative concept that keeps you interested thorough out.  If you love to read about hot spankings and a woman with a temper that likes a little discipline from a sexy cowboy and learning about love along the way, pick this one up.   

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