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Flesh_Kylie_ScottFlesh by Kylie Scott

4 out of 5 Licks

Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilization collapsed eight weeks ago.

When the plague hit, her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.

Daniel has been a loner his entire life. Then the world empties and he realizes that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything it takes to protect the survivors around him.

When the three cross paths they band together; sparks fly, romance blooms in the wasteland and Ali, Daniel and Finn bend to their very human needs in the ruins of civilization.

Lust, love and trust all come under fire in Flesh as the three band together to survive, hunted through the suburban wastelands.

Flesh was a double first for me … first book read by this author and first post apocalyptic book ever read.  To my discovery I have to say I was rather pleased with this book being the one to introduce me to the genre because I will be honest and admit I never thought I would be able to get into much less caught up in these types of books. My first impression of post apocalyptic was never highly valued because I thought they were just books chalked full of doom, gloom and the devastating disaster that was left behind no matter the cause that brought about the end of civilization but then I never associated zombies with the genre theme of post apocalyptic. In which case would make me out as an inconsistent contradiction because I have a morbid love for zombies … I mean HELLO The Walking Dead kicks ass and Warm Bodies was just too freakin adorable … so where can one go astray if this is what this genre is all about. Plus I will be uber honest and admit that with a title like “Flesh” my inner naughtiness jumped into overdrive with all the possible scenarios that could warrant the entitlement of “Flesh”.


Anywho, onto my thoughts about the story … this story takes place in Brisbane, Australia 53 days after a horrible virus of some kind turned most of the people into miserable flesh munching zombies. Among the zombies though there are a few lucky survivors, the first lucky person we meet is Daniel.

Daniel is a slightly older (40ish) man wandering along his way in hopes of finding other survivors on his travels so when he stumbles onto the first non-infected female he is beyond elated and instantly rapturous over this curvy woman whose name he learns after a very energetic rough and tumble that attracts the nearby zombies and sends them running back to her hidey hole.

Survivor #2 … Ali, she comes across as a panicky yet cautious survivor who has been hiding out in her neighbors attic for the last six to eight weeks since the town people started turning and snacking on each other. When Ali can no longer take the pain from lack of food and water she ventures out among the world, or rather what’s left of it and that my friends is where the magic happens Ali … survivor #2 meets survivor #1 … Daniel.

Like I said Ali and Dan have a rough start and after Dan talks Ali into venturing out to search for other survivors and the perfect place to call home so they can build somewhat of a normal life together their luck doesn’t improve. As their adventure continues they run across a gang of bikers who have plans of their own for the lovely Ali. Dan is forced to realize that even though he possesses a considerable amount of survival skills his abilities come up lacking when he becomes outnumbered and cannot protect Ali from the danger that fell upon them.  But luckily for Dan survivor #3 comes to the rescue.

Survivor #3 … Finn is a tight muscled, mid-twenties hottie with the right amount of skills suitable for a mercenary and has been keeping a close eye on Dan and Ali ever since Dan stumbled across Ali back in her neighborhood. Sure Finn rescues them from the gang of nasty vile bikers but are his intentions true? Well … you will have to read Flesh to find out. But between you and me he may have his own nefarious plans of seduction for Ali.  

Final Thoughts …

As these three very diverse people band together and rely on each other against the known and unknown dangers they face attractions are bound to form and I understand the possessiveness from both men because of the circumstances of the situations around them and the need for survival but at the same time it’s not a true ménage which in my opinion would have been way more erotic. Not saying that characters or the scenes lacked sizzle because they didn’t but instead of just touching the basics of voyeurism and then each male taking their turn with Ali having the three interact as a whole together would have satisfied my taste for ménage more.

My only other concern in regards to this book is the world building. Although highly engaging it is a bit scarce and limited in areas for me … mainly in the back story of the virus.

Many questions come to mind …

• How did the virus come about?  

• Who is responsible for releasing the virus?

• When were the first sightings and is it only secluded to this part of Australia?

As for now I can only assume something along the lines of Resident Evil and the Umbrella Corporation to understand how it all began. Hopefully some of my question will be addressed in the next installment entitled Skin.

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