Review: Love AT The Edge

Love_at_the_EDGE_Kara_Leigh_Miller-COVER-700x1059Love At The Edge by Kara Leigh Miller

3.5 out of 5 Licks

Aurora Island Book 3

Vince Russo, playboy extraordinaire and the self-proclaimed king of one night stands has a love ’em and leave ’em attitude, and no desires beyond those of the flesh. Until he sets eyes on Krysta–the fiery, smart mouthed bartender who has turned him into a walking erection.

 Krysta Taylor has a wicked lust crush on her sexy boss, Vince. She fantasizes about him constantly, flirts with him incessantly, and he never seems to notice. Why? Because she’s not a a tall, busty, blonde with minimal brain cells. She’s not his type–until she asks him to have a threesome.

I received an ARC copy of this story from the author for my honest review.   It may be read as a stand-alone novella, but I recommend reading “Love by Number, (Aurora Island Resort 1)” Ashleigh and Ryan’s story, and “Love on the Rocks, (Aurora Island Resort 2),” Meghan and Jeff’s story, as they all appear in “Love at the Edge.” 

Vince Russo was Aurora Island’s resident playboy.  He liked having sex with women and men, in any combination.  Krysta Taylor, was the sweet bartender, girl-next-door, who had an unrequited crush on Vince, but never acted on it.  Vince kept Krysta at arm’s length, until the Resort owners, Ashleigh and Ryan, promoted Krysta to work in the club Vince managed.

For her 30th birthday, Krysta made a request that snapped Vince out of his hands-off policy toward her.  They came together for a one-night stand, that became an emotional overnight and started a steamy affair.  Krysta’s feelings for Vince were strengthened and Vince came face-to-face with his doubts about being in a relationship.  Sassy Ms. Krysta knew which buttons to push with Vince, so he let his guard down and began to open up.  Then, Vince’s past unexpectedly caught up with him.

Coupled with lots of hot sex, an emotionally unavailable man and, a woman strong enough to stand up to him, this was my favorite novella in the Aurora Island Resort series.  Although, it was a quick read over a couple of hours, it was the longest story in the series.  And, it showed.  The characters were better developed and the storyline felt complete. I hope Ms. Miller plans to write Craig’s story, because he has been a great friend to all the couples and deserves his own chance at love.

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