Review: The Awakening Liam

LiamTheAwakening-AbbyNilesThe Awakening: Liam by Abby Niles

3.5 out of 5 Licks

Shifter, Liam Doyle  knows Hell. At least he believed he did. The night he feels his mate  die, he learns how very wrong he was. Nothing he’d struggled with since  Ava’s rejection compares to the emptiness that fills his soul by her  death. Lost in his grief, he’s taken by surprise and drugged.  When he  wakes, everything changes. Nothing is what it seems, and someone is dead set on making him pay.

When Ava Michaels is taken captive, she’s thrust into a dark and terrifying world along with the man she was  forced to leave behind. While being near Liam again is heartbreaking,  the motive behind her kidnapping is gradually revealed. The more she  learns, the more she worries Liam isn’t the man she believed him to be.  He has enemies willing to do anything to extract their revenge. Can  their love survive a crazy man’s vengeance?

I have to say right off, the first book in this series was not great for me, but this second book was very good!  Maybe because it is the second  book I don’t feel as lost as with the first one.  I liked the flow of  story and the terminology did not overwhelm me this time.  Now, you do  not have to read this stories in order but I would recommend it just so you see some of Liam’s fight with Dsershon.

The story starts off with a bang!  Someone attacks Ava and Liam feeling Ava dying rushes off to get to her.  He finds Ava bloody and lifeless and then he his injected with a sedative and taken away to a prison.  Ava is not dead just given a drug to make her look like it.  What their captive does to them is just pure evil and the villain is very well written.  Because of the circumstances Liam’s beast is brought back to him and in a very knuckle biting scene  Ava escapes and help gets Liam out.  This is not the end of the villain though, he seems to be watching Ava and Liam’s every move and is threatening Ava’s sisters life if Ava does not push Liam away.  And I do not want to give away the end, but it is good.

I have to say in the first book I did not like Ava, she seemed self centered and cruel to Liam.  Now, that we get the back story, you can understand her motivation and the forces that were against her and Liam.  I like the Liam of this book strong, has faith in Ava and him and he is very determined.  Now, I really enjoyed the banter between the side characters of Britton and Val, you can just feel the chemistry sparking between these two.

This was a entertaining read and cannot wait to read the next in the series.

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