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Just-One-cover-200x300Just One by Emily Hemmer

4 out of 5 Licks

Charlie would like nothing more than to trade her high heels for a pair of old cowboy boots, but her high society sister has got other plans.  Lucky for Charlie, a thorny bush broke her fall when she went tail over tits in the hydrangea, and Alex Ramirez showed up to lend a helping hand. What’s a country girl to do when her knight in shining armor turns out to be a rich boy with a mysterious agenda, and two panty dropping dimples? Two star-crossed lovers, one hotel room, and a really naughty leather belt. Maybe Charlie  should get out of Harlow County more often.

*This is a novelette length work (4 chapters/14K words approx), and is the prequel to book 2 in the Dangrously Dimpled Series, Plus None.

Take heed of the warning peeps-this is a short story designed to be a prequel for Plus None.  While this may be short in length it is certainly not short on humor and sexiness.  The tension between Alex and Charlie is strung tight so certainly a little sex will help that.  😉  Ms. Hemmer had me laughing during almost the entire sex scene.  She really is a natural at writing comedy.  This story definitely left me hanging and I can’t wait to read what’s up next! 

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One thought on “Review: Just One

  1. Ms. Kitty,
    I too read Ms. Hemmer’s Just One and cracked up through the entire piece! Every time I read her I leave smiling. I just love her funny. Agreed that she’s a natural comedian. The tension between Charilie and Alex was primo as well. So looking forward to the full length novel Plus None. She needs to hurry up!

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