ADHD and Drummers


I saw this T-shirt somewhere around the time I was writing Guarded Desires (Book Three in the Heart of Fame series) and it got stuck in my head. Like, really stuck in my head. The definition on the T-shirt had a lot to do with Noah Holden’s creation, I suspect.


If you can’t read it, this is what it says:


Drummer (noun) 1. One that plays the drum or drumset. 2. He who constantly bangs on things and pretty much drives everybody nuts!”.


Noah, who has ADHD, never sits still. His hands are never still, his leg thrums up and down constantly when he’s sitting and he is constantly beating out a rhythm with either pens or his fingers on any surface around him. Until Pepper comes along…


When Pepper Kerrigan enters the scene, the definition of drummer takes on a whole new meaning. Hee hee hee.


Here’s an exclusive snippet from Steady Beat, just for you all here at The Smutty Kitty. I should warn you. It’s a naughty one 😉




He never missed a beat…until she taught him a whole new rhythm.


Heart of Fame, Book 4


Back when he was playing drums for rock star Nick Blackthorne, it was easy for Noah Holden to focus on the sticks in his hand. Now that the band is getting back together, he’s excited—and worried. His ADHD has made every minute of his post-Blackthorne life a chaotic mess.


His apprehension is blown away when a bar waitress makes him a proposition—and not the kind this king of drums is used to.


When Pepper Kerrigan overhears the band talking reunion, she pushes her self-doubt aside, calls on her encyclopedic music knowledge and challenges Noah Holden to a trivia contest. Her prize should she win? An audition. His? A kiss. Their smoking sexual chemistry guarantees victory—for them both.


With Pepper, Noah is finally able to control his stormy creative energy. But when his wild past catches up with him, he faces the fight of his life to keep from losing his smoky-voiced angel. The one woman who keeps his mind—and his heart—staying on rhythm.


Product Warnings

There’s a thrumming primitive sexual energy in every rock drummer’s body just waiting to be released.





They fell into his hotel room. Try as hard as he might, Noah couldn’t stop kissing her. He made love to her mouth in the lift. He worshipped her body with his hands as they walked the entire length of the hallway to his room. He pinned her to his suite’s closed door and branded her throat with a love bite, not caring other guests walked by as he did so.

There wasn’t a hope in bloody hell he could control himself any longer. Pepper Kerrigan hadn’t just captivated him, she’d completely enslaved him.

He’d fallen for her, was still falling for her, and nothing was going to stop him showing her how much he wanted her. Needed her.

Craved to have her.

By the time he shoved the keycard to his suite into the lock and yanked it out, by the time he pushed the door open, he could no more stop kissing her than he could stop breathing.

He drove her backward into the opulent hotel room, their feet stumbling over each other, the scent of roses a potent perfume in the air. He wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her to his body even as he desperately tried to release his fly with his other hand.

His cock, on permanent alert since the Loft, throbbed with straining agony. If Pepper touched it he’d come. He had no doubt. As it was, he didn’t think he’d last even long enough to cover the engorged thing with a rubber.

The reality that he couldn’t undo his fly with enough speed while still holding and kissing Pepper scratched at the fringes of his mind. He groaned, swiping his tongue over hers one last time before breaking the kiss and letting her go.

She stumbled back a step, her breasts heaving as she watched him.

Without a word, he yanked his fly open and shoved his jeans down over his hips. Still shoeless, nothing interfered with the complete removal of the snug denim, and a second later he stood before her as naked as the day he was born.

She drew in a shaky breath, her stare roaming over his body.

A hot spasm claimed his cock as she openly studied it. The suite’s cool air flowed over his flushed skin, cool and teasing and driving him crazy. Not because it made him cold, or affected the size of his organ, but because it wasn’t Pepper’s skin on his.

And at this point in time, Noah wanted nothing but Pepper’s skin touching his.

He stood still, waiting for her gaze to return to his face.

It did, her dilated pupils telling him just how aroused she was.

When she reached for the hem of her shirt, he shook his head. “I want to undress you.”

Her answering nod was short. Her breaths were shallow. Quick.

He stepped toward her and slid his hands over her hips. The smooth material of her hot pants was cool under his palms, and he shivered, impatient for the warmth of her skin.

She lifted her eyes to his, and then let out a soft sound when he lowered the zip of her fly. Holding her stare, he hooked his thumbs between her hips and the waistband of her hot pants and slowly, slowly inched them downward.

Gravity claimed them halfway down her thighs. They fell to the floor, revealing her to the room. The subtle scent of her arousal slipped into Noah’s breath and he swallowed, so close to the edge already that any stimulation of his senses threatened to undo him.

Lowering himself to one knee, he brushed a hand over the back of Pepper’s leg, from her thigh to her calf. With gentle force, he lifted her booted foot, pushed aside her hot pants and returned her foot to the floor. Repeating the action with her other leg, he smiled up at her, trailing his fingers up the length of her inner thighs to the exquisite heat of her pussy.

He twisted his wrist, just enough to allow his fingertips to stroke over her seam. They came away damp, her pleasure already seeping from her.

She hitched in a quick breath and another when he raised his fingers to his lips and licked her juices from them.

“Oh, Noah.” His name fell from her in a groan.

He brushed her pussy again, with a little more pressure this time, lingering longer on the hooded button of her clit.

Her eyes fluttered closed and her hips pushed forward.

He rolled a finger over the small nub of flesh, two slow circles that made her moan, and then raised his hand to his mouth once more.

She watched him suck her moisture from his index finger, her tongue swiping over her lips.

Once again, he returned his hand to her sex. Traced the velvet heat of her folds with two fingers. This time he pressed harder, hard enough to penetrate her wetness to his first knuckle. She gasped, swaying on her feet even as she parted her thighs more.

He ground his teeth, determined not to rush. Pushing his fingers deeper into her pussy, he wrapped his other hand around the distended length of his cock and pumped once.

Concentrated pleasure rushed through him, hot and scalding and ready.

Releasing his cock, he withdrew his fingers from Pepper’s sex and replaced them with his tongue.

She shuddered, her hands burying in his hair. “Oh Noah…”

The raw urgency in her voice flooded his aching cock with fresh need. Swiping his tongue over her swollen clit, he smoothed his hands around her hips and squeezed her arse cheeks. Yanked her sex harder to his mouth.

Fucked her pussy with his tongue.

She cried out, her nails scraping at his scalp.

With a growl, he tore his mouth away and shoved two fingers back into her tight heat. She bucked forward, her head thrown back, her moans rising to the ceiling.

He thrust in and out of her, a wild rhythm of speed and penetration she matched with whimpers and pleas for more.


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