Orgasm University Cover Reveal


Coming Soon-Ok I made myself giggle with that but Orgasm University really will be coming soon.  lol  🙂

Victoria’s been called frigid by every boyfriend she’s ever had. Having never gotten off during sex with even one of them probably has something to do with it. But none of them knew how broken she really is. She not only hasn’t gotten off having sex, she’s never orgasmed…EVER. 

Then she sees an interdepartmental memo for a university study that claims it can help with her little problem. Once she signs her name on the dotted line, Dr. Hotlidge, finds all the right buttons to push.

He’s been looking for the perfect subject for his grant study, but something’s been missing from each of the women he’s questioned so far. Everything changes when Jane Smith #129 steps into his exam room.

It’s supposed to be anonymous, clinical research and nothing more. But when he finds her inner submissive hiding just below the surface, they both find more than they bargained for.



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3 thoughts on “Orgasm University Cover Reveal

  1. Yea for Cover Reveals!!! Seriously the best title EVER!!

  2. Tina B

    That is one smexy cover! 😉

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