Review: Bad Kitty

EG_Bad-Kitty_final200 Bad Kitty by Eliza Gayle

4 out of 5 Licks

If you think you’ve lost everything. Think again.Kitty lost her father, her home and her clan. Clinging to what’s left of her pride, she’s forced into the neutral zone, the supposed safe haven for half-breeds and outcasts. An attack forces her to the wrong side of the treaty line and into an even more dangerous situation. Determined to greet death with the last of her dignity, she is suddenly rescued by a tall, gorgeous…wolf???

As the next alpha leader of his pack, Rafe Comyn has more than enough to handle with pack politics and precarious treaties. The last thing he needs is a pissed off feline landing in his lap, especially when her scent triggers his overwhelming drive to mate. While the daughter of a former rival is quite a conquest, she’s both forbidden and dangerous.

But as the heat of desire threatens to consume them, their differences escalate and Rafe must keep his own pack from killing the one woman he can’t live without.

*PLEASE NOTE – While Bad Kitty is a stand alone story, she has made brief but interesting appearances in both Kane and Malcolm.

I broke a rule of mine…I read this book without reading the first books in the series.  I know right above this is a line that says you don’t have to read the other books yada yada lol It’s my rule leave me alone.  Anyway so this is my first Eliza Gayle book-I know I’m sorry! Stop throwing books at me! Wait keep throwing them I don’t have some of these!-and I wasn’t disappointed.  How could I not love a heroine names Kitty?  lol  Since I haven’t read the other books in this series, I don’t have the entire story about the horrible things Kitty has done but it’s hard to imagine anyone deserving the beat down she was given.  The scars she’s left behind took the last of what Kitty thought she had.  Rafe doesn’t give a damn about the scars.  He just wants Kitty any way he can have her.  They have some serious sexual tension and moments where I thought one of them was going to be seriously injured by the other.  It was freaking hot!  I can’t wait to see what Eliza brings to the table next and I gotta go get caught up on the rest of her books! 

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