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Tour Badge-Rebel by Skye Jordan

Sassy, smart, and sexy, former supermodel-turned-tech guru Rubi Russo has it all—looks, money, confidence and freedom. Her life is a whirlwind of fast cars and fleeting affairs—and she likes it that way. With a past like Rubi’s, forever isn’t part of her vocabulary. So when studly Renegade stuntman Wes Lawson wants to take their friendship to the next level, she’s all out.

Raised a simple country-boy, Wes knows the brazen Rubi isn’t his type. But after spending time with her, he discovers she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. To win her wild rebel heart, he’ll have to prove he sees behind her smokescreen to all the goodness she tries to hide. Then it’s just a matter of crushing her fears, shattering her barriers, and convincing her that loving him is everything she’s been missing in her life, too.

Piece of cake.

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Special Excerpt Time:

“You crazy bastard.” Rubi laughed the words and pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head. “Now I know how Lexi feels when I drive.”

            Every time he looked at her, his brain slid sideways. He’d seen photos from her previous years as a top model, but Wes thought she was the most gorgeous in her everyday casual state. Rubi’s “casual” might be another woman’s “dressed to the nines,” but she had a way of appearing so absolutely comfortable in her own skin, she never gave the impression that much fazed her.

            He’d lain awake nights trying to figure out who she resembled. She called herself a poster child for the United Nations, a mix of Caucasian, Japanese, and African-American. Wes thought she looked like an exotic version of Halle Berry with higher cheekbones and a deeper slant to her eyes when she laughed. And she had the sweetest little nose. The way it squared off at the very tip made him want to kiss her there.

            Hell, he wanted to kiss her everywhere.

            She spread her hand over her chest, which rose with quick breaths, and the silver bangles around her wrist clinked. “I may have to give you a speed limit, Lawson. You’ve made my heart jump out of my chest twice already today.”

            The excitement glimmering in her eyes snapped his restraint. Want welled inside him, so thick, so fierce he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Let’s try for a third.”

With octane filling his veins, he twisted toward her, stretched across the console, and wrapped his hand behind her head, pulling her in.

She sucked in a sharp breath a split second before his lips pressed hers. They were sun warmed, air dried, petal soft. She made the sweetest sound, a mix of surprise and pleasure, and the slow burn at the center of Wes’s body burst into flame. Heat whooshed over him, the same heat that engulfed him during a stunt when one of his fellow Renegades lit him on fire.

Only this fire condensed in his chest before melting lower.

He eased the pressure of his mouth just enough to tilt his head, and kissed her again. This time she responded. Gently. Tentatively. Not at all what he’d expected from this blazing-hot, ultraconfident party girl. But her tender response did confirm his theories about the real woman behind her smokescreen.

“Wes…” Her voice was barely a whisper between kisses, and her lashes fluttered just enough to expose a sparkling green hint of her eyes.

Her hand slid along his forearm and up his bicep, prickling heat across his skin. Then snuck under his sleeve and curled around the back of his arm, pulling him closer. The fist of want deep in his gut tightened.

Her lips came back to his, parted and firm. A hum of desire sounded in her throat, igniting a flurry of fireworks beneath his ribs.

Yes, yes, yes.

His focus homed in on every single detail of the moment—the warmth of the sun, the growl in his throat, the luscious need building throughout his body.

He slid his tongue along the inside of her lower lip, urging her to open. He caught the hint of mint, but he needed more. He needed the taste of pure, potent Rubi.


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To celebrate the release of Rebel Skye Jordan has out Reckless on sale for 99 CENTS!!!!  Seriously people do not miss this sale@!!  I freaking loved this book!! 


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Author Skye Jordan Pic

Sometimes fun, sometimes naughty. Always romantic.

I am a NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author writing under the pseudonym Skye Jordan for my more … sexually heated … works.

My Skye Jordan novels are all about enjoying that little wild streak we all have, but probably don’t let out often enough. About those fantasies we usually don’t get the opportunity to indulge. About stretching limits, checking out the dark side, playing naughty and maybe even acting a little wicked. They’re about escape and fun and pleasure and romance.

And, yes, even love. Because even as Skye Jordan I’m just a happily ever after kinda gal. (Or, in some cases, happily for the foreseeable future.)




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25 thoughts on “Rebel Tour and Contest

  1. This sounds yummy! Where did you get the idea for this book?

  2. Lori Meehan

    The book looks good and that is a great cover.
    Skye what’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

  3. Skye – are the characters, and/or situations, based on specific people/situations, in your life?
    mmmazuros at yahoo dot com

  4. DebraG

    I love opposites attract books. This one sounds fun. I never keep up with pseudonyms. What other names do use?

  5. Reading this today !!
    Reckless – book 1 – was amazing !!

  6. Amanda Hake

    Thanks for the tour! looking forward to it!

  7. Loved the first book, getting read to read the second books…how many more are to follow? 🙂


  8. these are now on my must read list!! thanks for the new to me find!!!

  9. jovialvampyre

    I can’t believe how hot this series is – thanks ;).

  10. elaing8

    I have this on the ereader just waiting for me. 🙂

    How many books are you planning for this series?

  11. Elise-Maria Barton

    These covers are droolworthy! Makes me want to dive right in. Thx for the giveaway Skye 😉

  12. Love this =) Can´t wait for my chance to read!
    Happy Holidays!

  13. I FINALLY have Reckless thanks to some BDay gift cards ~ Yah and it went on sale…Score! Thanks Skye. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway.

  14. I love the covers of your books.

  15. Loved Reckless. Been waiting for Rubi and Wes’s story. Can’t wait to read.

  16. Jane

    Congrats to Skye on the new release.

  17. jovialvampyre

    I love Joan’s writing and am looking forward to REBEL :).

  18. Susan T.

    Love the cover! Both books sounds hot. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Holidays

  19. bn100

    Nice excerpt

  20. the book sounds really good thanks so much

  21. I love the sound of this! Looks awesome!

  22. Diana Merritt

    Loved the first one!

  23. Marissa

    Great blurb! Look forward to reading this one.

  24. kgagnon2013

    Thanks for the post and excerpt. I loved Reckless and am very excited for Rubi and Wes’ story! How many books do you have planned for the Renegades?

  25. thanks so much for the giveaway the book looks really good cant wait to read it

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