Review: Purely Professional

Purely Professional Purely Professional by Elia Winters

3.5 out of 5 Licks

Columnist Bridget Hartwell agrees to write about BDSM to impress her new executive editor at Sultry, the “sex-positive magazine for sex-positive women.” Unfortunately, it’s a topic she knows absolutely nothing about…but if she ever wants that promotion, she’ll need to learn the ropes, fast.

English professor Max Harlow is active in the Dom/sub scene, but only for casual play. He’s never found his ideal partner: a woman who is his equal, but sexually submissive. When he’s asked to explain the lifestyle to his cute but obviously inexperienced neighbor, Max is certain it’s best to approach it academically—to keep things purely professional.

Until Bridget’s first article is a huge hit, giving her the perfect excuse to delve deeper into the naturally submissive side of her sexuality. As  their encounters intensify and each of her boundaries is skillfully  pushed, Bridget must decide what this all means…for her identity, her  career and, most importantly, her future with Max.

I enjoyed this debut book from Ms. Winters, it kept me engrossed and wanting to read more of Bridget and Max.  I liked the Authors writing style and the content of the story. 

What I liked about the story was that it was a little different from other BDSM stories that I have read lately.  I liked the premise of Bridget is a writer and has had thoughts of BDSM but has the feeling of most that the women who are submissive are weak, which I know is not true.  Bridget really steps into it when she says she has background in BDSM for a new blog to her boss.  Of course, she does not have experience and as luck would have it, her next door neighbor, Max is a Dom.  So what starts out as “Purely Professional” leads to so much more.  Bridget life is awakened by her initiation into submission.  I think the Author did an excellent job conveying the chemistry and passion between Max and Bridget.  The one problem I have with the story is when Bridget uses her safe word and Max, who is supposed to stop does but then he does what is not supposed to be done and takes out his frustration on Bridget and basically kicks her out.  I understand what the Author was going for in that Max is frustrated and wants more from Bridget, but in this instance I really hated Max and did not feel this was right for the book.  I am glad that Max and Bridget worked past their insecurities and hurt feelings and got their HEA.

I cannot wait to see what Ms. Winters offers as her next book.

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