Review: Protecting His Assets

ProtectingHisAssets72lg Protecting His Assets by Cari Quinn

4 out of 5 Licks

For a while, MLB pitcher Chase “Deuce” Dixon used his bad-boy reputation as a smoke screen to cover up his elbow injury. But plummeting pitching stats don’t lie, so now he’s a free agent, spending the off-season in surgeons’ offices, and considering a post-baseball career in security.

His first night moonlighting as a nightclub bouncer, he’s surprised that the singer on stage is his little sister’s pure, sweet, spitfire of a best friend. And some drunk guy is getting way too personal.

Summer Maitland doesn’t need Chase strong-arming one of the few fans she’s managed to accumulate during the career she keeps secret from her family. And despite her body’s shimmering reaction to his touch, she certainly doesn’t need a self-appointed bodyguard following her around.

Chase has other ideas. If anyone’s going to lay a hand on Summer, it’s going to be him. Now if only he could keep his tongue out of her mouth long enough to keep her safe. And his hands to himself before he scares her off.

Warning: Contains an ace hurler moonlighting as a bouncer moonlighting as a bodyguard & an angel-voiced chanteuse who’s up for anything he can throw at her—in and out of the bedroom. Could make you rethink the definition of fastball.

This was one that once I started I couldn’t put it down. Its full of super sexy banter but also a lot of laughter. I love authors that can make me laugh but also have a great story. Chase and Summer are super hot together. They’ve known each other for years and Summer has always been in love with him but they’ve never really connected. She’s always just been Chase’s little sisters best friend. Until Chase “Deuce” finds Summer singing at a club he’s the new bouncer for and decides that she needs a bodyguard. Chase wants Summer but he has his own demons to fight and doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. He’s the supposed bad boy of baseball but is out with an injury and may never play again.

I really loved how their relationship was drawn out. Their conversations were super sexy and full of innuendo but they didn’t actually have sex right away. It was very realistic in the process. So if you’re looking for a fun and very sexy read check this one out.

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