ARC Review: Penance

Penance600 Penance by Ann Mayburn

5 out of 5 Licks-I’d give it 10 if I could!

When Wyatt and Michelle leave for Chicago to attend the wedding of an old friend of Michelle’s, Wyatt has no idea how close his beloved Domina is to the edge. While helping Wyatt battle the demons of his PTSD, Michelle has been trying to ignore her own issues, but the past refuses to stay buried and she soon finds herself spiraling out of control. More determined than ever to protect Wyatt from herself, Michelle tries to pretend everything is perfect with devastating results.

Wyatt can see that Michelle is losing it, but he doesn’t know how to help her when she refuses to admit there’s a problem. No longer able to deal with the pressure of pretending to be perfect, Michelle self-destructs. Wyatt is now faced with a bitter choice – leave the woman who owns his heart or start a long and arduous journey to rescue the other half of his soul from her own personal Hell.

Penance is the conclusion of Michelle and Wyatt’s tale of hope, loss, healing, and most of all forgiveness.

Oh goodness! This book!! LAWD!! Notice I’m having issues making full sentences without tons of extra punctuation. Oh yeah it is just that good. I absolutely loved and adored part one of this love story. The book Still has had a special place in my heart since I read the first page. The trip from that page to the end of Penance is not a pretty flowery kind of story. When I tell both of these characters go to hell and back to earn every bit of their happily ever after, I mean every word.

Michelle and Wyatt have worked hard to help Wyatt overcome his PTSD, and although he probably will never be 100% cured of it he has learned to deal with it on a day to day basis. His submission to Michelle helps him to center his world. That delicate world is rocked to its core when they go back to Michelle’s home town for a wedding of a close friend that includes a collaring ceremony at the very club that was once the center of her world and the place where her own PTSD partially sprouted from. Wyatt knows she is struggling to deal with her past, and tries to help her the best way he can, but when she breaks his trust by lying to him he may just have to leave her even though it will kill both of them to do so.

This is one of those books where I struggle with how much to tell y’all about in my review. To go into much more detail would give away too much of the emotions/story in my opinion. This book should be read with tissues, ice water, a fan, and maybe even some form of alcohol. I felt every emotion both of them were feeling. There were even times when the breath was stolen right from my body I hurt for them so much. And goodness the astounding hotness of them together, well the fog on my iPad should speak for itself there! I can’t recommend this series more. You definitely want to read them both and in order. You will be lost without reading them that way. 🙂

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  1. I’m not worthy, but oh so thank you that you enjoyed Michelle and Wyatt’s journey. 😀

    • Knotty Kitty

      You are so worthy of the praise! Your talents are truly amazing!

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