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pictureperfect Picture Perfect by Leslie C. Ferdinand

3 out of 5 Licks

A Woman Determined to Rise Above Heartache and Ruin.

Alexis Morgan returned to New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. Determined to focus on rebuilding her interior decorating business and saving her home, Alex has no time for relationships. She refuses to fall into the same trap that her mother fell into and become involved with a married man. Then, the soon-to-be married Elliot Walker storms into her life, tempting her to forget the hard lessons she learned as a child. 

A Man Determined to Prove Himself.

Businessman, Elliot Walker, is the youngest, and only adopted, son of a wealthy and prominent New Orleans family. The Walkers’ natural children are models of Society and Elliot will do no less. Once his older brother marries, Elliot knows their mother will push him to marry the woman she believes is perfect for him, a high-powered attorney with a thirst for money, power, and sex. With six months to go before his wedding, Elliot hires Alex to redecorate his home. Suddenly, keeping his mother happy by marrying Rachel, a woman he’s beginning to realize he barely knows isn’t as important as having Alex in his arms. But Rachel intends to have it all and she’s willing to murder to get it.

I found this book hard to get into and although the premise of the story was good it did drag on. Also some of the dialogue was really difficult to understand so I skipped over a lot of it.  The biggest problem I had with the story was the way that Elliot was controlled by his mother Julia. He is supposed to be a successful businessman yet he is unable to stand up to his mother who was most insistent that he marry Rachel, a girl that she had ‘handpicked’ for him. Rachel, a supposedly successful lawyer, turned out to be a really nasty gold digger who was only after the prestige and money of the Walker family. Alexis, the third part of the love triangle, was, I think, rather weak and in that respect she and Elliot deserved each other! I did enjoy the ending when Elliot finally declared his love for Alexis, it was kind of sweet, but the secret that Elliot’s mother had been keeping from him was quite a shocker!!!!

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