Review: The Dom with the Perfect Brats

dwtpb-are The Dom with the Perfect Brats by Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, and Cari Silverwood

5 out of 5 Licks

Badass Brats, Book 3

Godfrey Cross is a big, tattooed Dom with no tolerance for brats.
But when he meets two mouthy vanilla girls, he begins to see their charm.Gemma and Izzy seem more into each other than into him and he
wonders if he’s wasting his time. Yet despite the clash between
his strict version of BDSM and their rebellious natures, he finds
himself growing to love them.When his need for control tears their relationship apart, they must
learn to compromise or they will lose each other. People may not be perfect, but could these two be perfect for him?


Warning: this book contains a saucy tattoo artist with a love for the strap, a Dom who turns bratty girls into sex zombies, and a Big Evil Bed that’s used to tie up unsuspecting subs

Contains BDSM elements, M/f/f, and f/f

I think I fell in love a little with Godfrey Cross a super, hot sexy alpha Dom that has no problem finding a submissive to play with.  Then why is it he ends up having feelings for two bratty vanilla girls?  Gemma having had a bad experience in the past with BDSM she is not interested in going down that path again and Izzy is looking for a family to replace the one that hurt her back home in Australia.  With all the obstacles these three have to face can they find what they are looking for with each other?  Such a great story learning about their pasts had my heart aching but it is also sweet and sexy with lots of kinky fun, the more I learned about each of their pasts the more I wanted them to find happiness.  The book will take you on a wonderful roller coaster ride, laughing, crying and the BDSM scenes oh so very hot.

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