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Right up I want to thank the gorgeous Kitty for inviting me—and all us Aussie gals—onto her lovely purple leopard print blog. 🙂 I’ve been to RT 3 times now and on each occasion Kitty’s smiling face has been such a welcome sight! She is hands down one of the most gracious and fun loving ladies I’ve ever met, and I am seriously in love with her accent. I mean, like, SERIOUSLY.

We love you Kitty oxoxoxoxo.

Down and Dirty Special with quote

I’m here today to talk about Burning Up, my story which is part of the Down Under Divas boxed set called Down and Dirty (still available at only .99c, a limited time offer so do check it out! Links at the bottom of the post).

Burning Up is set in the same world as my MMF novel Erica’s Choice. It’s not a sequel, because everything wrapped up pretty neatly in Erica’s book, but this is a spin off that features Erica’s best friend Pam. Pam was a chirpy, unlucky in love character that provided some nice light moments in Erica’s book, and I enjoyed her so much I thought she deserved her own story. The two men who show her a good time (wink wink) you might also have met before. Steve Waller provided some good comic relief and Rob only had one scene but he made an impression on me. Maybe it was the Viking-like tall blond hotness that sucked me in J.

So now Pam, Steve and Rob have their own adventure to enjoy, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Graphic BU

Excerpt – Burning Up

“What are we doing here, Waller?”


Steve angled his hips, thrusting his erection into Pam’s touch. “If you need an instruction manual, I think you might have bitten off more than you can chew.”


“You know what I mean. We don’t even like each other.”


Speak for yourself. The thought made Steve’s breath falter. There were a lot of things he liked about Pam, things he’d picked up on over the past year or so of seeing her at parties and at the Sovereign. She always had a witty rejoinder at the ready, she didn’t get offended by dirty jokes and she played a mean game of pool. She dressed nicely but without all the excess frills that a lot of women used. She was naturally pretty and down to earth, a woman who could hold her own in a room full of guys without relinquishing an ounce of her femininity.


Pamela Spencer was quite something, really.


“Steve? Are you okay?”


Steve shook his head, as though the act would settle his reeling thoughts into a suitable arrangement. It didn’t. “I like the way you’re stroking my cock,” he growled. “What else is there to understand?”


A lot of things, apparently. Things he didn’t want to expend energy trying to analyze while Pam had her hands on him.


Pam’s lips curved, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I suppose you’re right. This is a bit new to me, that’s all.”


“To you and me both, sweetheart.”


This time when she smiled, her nose and the corners of her eyes crinkled. “Are you serious?”


“Deadly. I don’t usually share.”


I don’t want to share now, came the thought, which nagged at Steve as he dipped his head, suddenly ravenous for the taste of Pam’s lips. Before he could even take a sample, the door nudged open wider and Rob’s shadow cut out the light.


With a gasp, Pam turned her head towards Rob so Steve’s lips brushed her ear. Her hair smelled amazing, like freshly picked peaches. Steve buried his nose in it and inhaled, the aroma of her intoxicating him, making his disappointment at having missed out on a kiss more acute. Gripped by a fierce need he didn’t deny or question, Steve speared his hand through Pam’s silky hair and turned her face towards his again.


If her hair smelled like peaches, her lips tasted like the sweetest peach nectar, mixed with a potent shot of rum. She opened to him and let him drink from her mouth. She arched and pressed her breasts to his chest. Steve felt twin sharp points brush his pecs even through the clothes they wore and knew he’d been right outside. Her nipples were hard, had probably been hard ever since Rob had kissed her while they’d been waiting for Griff to arrive.


The thought sent Steve’s libido into overdrive. As he deepened the kiss, began to lose himself in the mind-blowing heat of it, he let his hands drift upward until they cupped the soft underside of Pam’s breasts. She whimpered into his mouth, pushing her flesh into his hands. Steve took that as permission to cup her fully in his palms.


“God, that’s so hot.”


Rob’s comment registered somewhere in Steve’s mind, as did the soft click of the door as it closed.

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