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A big thank you to Kitty for having me today!

Okay, let’s talk Pass The Parcel my novella in the Down And Dirty box set. This story got its start a few years ago now when Kitty and I had a conversation about the Party Games series I wrote with Lexxie Couper. I’m not sure exactly how the discussion went but in the end I had a note in my trusty potential stories notebook that said – Pass The Parcel – ménage – Kitty.

Now you might think that’s a little strange but most of my notes look like this. Actually, some are even less informative. lol

Anyway, that one line told me all I needed to know. So back when the Divas made the decision to do a box set of brand new novellas it seemed the perfect time to give Kitty her story. J

And let me also say that I actually haven’t read what she thinks of Pass The Parcel. I know she’s read it but I’m terrified it didn’t live up to her expectations so I’m blissfully sitting back here pretending she loved it. J

Before I go, let me share an exclusive except just for Kitty and her followers. Enjoy.




It’s more than a game when their hearts are involved.


For one night Kitty is going to pretend she’s someone else. Someone not afraid of going after what she wants. And what she wants is a night of carnal pleasure with her two bosses.

Ethan and Finn have wanted their shy, innocent office manager since the moment they laid eyes on her. But months of issuing subtle invitations and innuendoes have gotten them nowhere. Until now.

Now she’s here. With them. And nothing will stop them from getting what they want—Kitty in their bed. Forever.


Warning: A heroine out of her depth and two sexy heroes determine to show her she’s capable of taking them both on.


Exclusive Excerpt:-


Oh God. He’s got no clothes on!

Her lips parted and her lungs acted like a vacuum, sucking in all available air as Ethan’s hot skin scorched her from neck to thigh. He pressed his cock into her lower back, the hard heat like a branding iron on her soul.

She trembled with want. Her pussy clenched, moisture seeped out to coat her folds and she squeezed her legs together as the ache in her core grew more urgent. “I…”

Finn’s smile widened. “Time to move things along.” He let go of her face. “Hop up on the bed. I want you to lie on your back in the middle, grab your knees and pull them up and wide. Spread that pretty pussy for us to look at.”

Oh God.

She wasn’t sure she could expose herself like that. They’d be able to see everything. Kitty glanced at Ethan.

“Now, Kelly.”

Ethan’s command was no less exciting than Finn’s, and more cream rushed from her body as her muscles convulsed. She turned and stared at the bed but didn’t move. It was like her feet were glued to the spot. A sharp crack echoed through the room a second before pain and heat burst across her right butt cheek. Shocked speechless, her mouth hanging open, she couldn’t think as a pulse of unfamiliar pleasure rippled through her.

The second slap delivered to her other cheek tore a gasp from her throat and jolted her two steps forward.

“I told you to get on the bed.” Finn breathed in her ear as he gripped her shoulders in his strong hands and urged her to keep moving. “Now. Or I’ll toss you over my knee and spank you until your arse is a dark, shiny red.”

Kitty rushed forward and scrambled onto the bed, but in the back of her mind she wondered what it would feel like if she refused and Finn carried out his threat. The pain from the two slaps he’d given her had been minimal, a quick sting before heat had expanded and travelled over her flesh, sunk beneath her skin to bloom inside her pussy in a breath-stealing explosion of need.

She crawled over the mattress until she was in the middle. Spinning around, she found Ethan and Finn standing at the foot of the bed, watching her with avid eyes. Her heart slammed against her ribs. They were naked and Kitty let her gaze roam over their exquisite physiques. Similar in build, with wide shoulders, broad chests and ripped abs, they were a mouth-watering fantasy come to life.

Her fantasy.

But it was the two erections, thick and standing tall, that had her licking her lips and craving a taste. Finn growled low in his chest and Kitty’s gaze darted to his.

“Didn’t I tell you to do something?” His voice was soft—low—but there was no hiding the blade of steel running through it.

Kitty shuddered. It wasn’t his words or the commanding tone that affected her so intensely. It was the look in his eyes. The hungry, feral glow lasered her, pinning her in place. Her breathing stalled, backing up in her throat as her heart raced and a hot wave of lust crashed over her.

“Now, Kelly.” Ethan stared at her with equally ravenous eyes and her body clenched in response to these two primal creatures. This was a side of them she’d never seen, and a sliver of fear pierced her. The knowledge she may have bitten off more than she could chew by being here with them almost drove her from the bed.

But then Kitty remembered the promise she’d made to herself—the pledge she made to her reflection in their bathroom mirror not ten minutes ago—and forced herself to relax. She knew in her heart they would never make her do anything she really didn’t want to. And if she were honest, she’d admit to wanting to do whatever they asked. Whenever they asked.

Drawing a deep breath into her lungs, she licked her lips and slowly lay down. Her head nestled on a pillow and, taking another deep breath, Kitty closed her eyes and bent her knees, lifting them towards her chest. Cool air rushed over her heated flesh. Chills rippled through her core as she gripped her knees and pulled them wide.

“Open your eyes.” Finn’s demand sent another shudder through her.

It took effort and courage to raise her eyelids. She barely lifted them a crack. She didn’t want to see them looking at her. Didn’t want to see their disappointment when they realised she wasn’t up to their standards. She’d never exposed herself like this before and the thought terrified her—excited her.

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  1. Kitty! You naughty girl! *fanning self* This I on my Kindle. I really need to go read now! Thanks for the excerpt.

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