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After a tragic incident in Afghanistan leaves Master Sergeant Nathan Ryker the only man standing in his tight-knit team, he spirals into an alcohol-and-sex induced escape. A call from his lifelong buddy pulls Ryker from the shadows with a request for help with his stunt company’s latest blockbuster. If Ryker can survive the next three weeks of leave and get back to his remaining men, he might just be all right. But a sexy woman who can take his mind off his trauma is too hard to resist, and when he hooks up with Renegades’ sultry, snarky office manager, his sanity takes a backseat to his first glimpse of a future he isn’t sure he deserves.

Still reeling from a bitter romantic betrayal, Rachel Hart wants nothing more than an uncomplicated hookup. So when the mysterious Nathan seduces her with a little dirty talk and one delicious kiss, Rachel drowns all her good sense in a Mandarin and soda and gives herself over to a night of sexual bliss. But her memories tarnish in the morning light when Rachel discovers his real identity and his link to Renegades. Her job and her friends are the only thing holding her life together, and she won’t be ruined by one sultry night with this damaged and dangerously sexy man.

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Ryker exhaled. Chewed the inside of his cheek. While he wouldn’t be messing with the direct wording of his CO’s orders, he would be seriously stretching the spirit of his meaning, “Do whatever the hell you need to do to get your head on straight. And don’t come back until it is.”

“Ry,” Troy said, voice low. “We need you.”

His CO was eight thousand miles away. Troy was right here.

He extended his hand toward Wes. “I’ll take the plans, look them over. No promises.”

Wes grinned and handed Ryker the role of blueprints, then bumped fists with Troy behind Ryker’s back.

“I haven’t agreed,” he muttered, glancing at the title bar on the plans.

“You will.” Troy slapped him on the shoulder. “Let’s hit the mountain, dude. Celebrate.”

“Hold on.” Rachel stood and pressed her hands flat on the desk. “He’s not going anywhere. I have a ton of stuff I need from him now.”

Man, he liked the sound of that. He’d like it better if she’d meant it the way he wanted her to mean it.

Troy rounded Rachel’s desk, nudged her chair aside, and drew open the bottom drawer.

She sat back and lifted her hands. “Hello. I live here. You can’t just push me out of the way because I’m smaller than you.”

“I’d never push you out of the way, Rach.”

“What the hell do you call what you just did?”


Ryker watched the exchange with amusement. They definitely acted like siblings. Troy was pulling papers from files, shoving them back in, and annoyance mounted in Rachel’s expression.

“Troy, stop it. What are you looking for?” She slapped at his hands. “Don’t mess up my files.” When he didn’t stop, she grabbed his wrists and shoved him away. “Stop. It.

“Dude,” Wes warned, “you’re lighting matches near leaking propane.”

“God,” she breathed, frazzled, angry. “Troy Jacobs, I love you, but you are seriously pissing me off. Get the hell out of my office.”

“It’s not your office. It’s our trailer. You can’t just kick me out because I’m bigger than you.”

“Troy,” Wes said, “if I were you, I’d step out of scorching range. Our little Rachel is breathing fire today.”

Troy pressed his lips together, planted his hands on his hips, and eased back and out of Rachel’s space.

“There,” she said on a breath, sitting straighter, hands still hovering over her files in protection. “Now, what the hell are you looking for?”

“A release form.”

“Fine.” She pulled two papers from the files. “Nathan, get over here.”

He jumped to his feet and stepped up to the desk. “Yes, ma’am.”

Her eyes cut to his, expression stern, but there was heat there too, and he knew she was remembering her “Then fuck me already” order the night before.

His cock swelled, and he shifted on his feet to relieve the pressure.

“Now, that is refreshing.” She didn’t sound as approving as she did relieved, but it was still the first positive thing she’d said to him since she’d set eyes on him again. “Could you rub off on him while you’re here?”

Troy made a disgusted sound in his throat. “You have no idea—”

“Don’t.” Ryker shot Troy a glare that promised pain. “Even.”

Rachel clicked a pen on the desk and pointed to the paper on the right. “Release form—if you kill yourself, it’s your own stupid fault.” Then to the one on the left. “Emergency contact—the person we call to tell them how stupid you were.”

Ryker grinned as he scribbled his signature and the basic information into the blanks. He liked her more by the minute. Wanted her more by the second.

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To enter to win one of the 5 prizes above do the following: Comment below with a thank you message for someone you know in the military or a general thank you to our military members.  Yes I am very patriotic.  I grew up outside of a military base and I get all teary eyed when I think about the sacrifices they make to help keep us safe and free.   

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Skye Jordan is a pseudonym for New York Times bestselling romantic suspense author Joan Swan.


Skye’s novels are about enjoying that little wild streak we don’t let out often enough. About those fantasies we rarely get the opportunity to indulge. About stretching limits, checking out the dark side, and maybe even acting a little naughty. They’re about escape and fun and pleasure and romance.


And, yes, even love, because while wicked-great sex is good, happily ever after with wicked-great sex is even better.


Skye (aka Joan) lives on the central coast of California in the heart of wine country with her husband and two daughters. As often as possible, she retreats to a hotel with critique partners for a power-writing week where much drinking, laughing, and yes, even working, ensues. When she’s not writing, Skye goes to breakfast with her hubby, attends her daughters’ barrel races, and spends a lot of time with her own horse, Riddle…while her two dogs, Paxton and Indie, tag along. She also loves to read, knit, craft, row, ride, and dabble in photography.



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12 thoughts on “Ricochet Excerpt Tour and Contest

  1. DebraG

    I come from a military family and would like to thank my father for all the years of service he gave. I also have to thank my brother, my husband, and many of my in-laws.

  2. Lori Meehan

    Thank you to all that serve in the military for there service to keep us free. I have a nephew in the army and is deployed to Afghanistan.

  3. Thank you for hosting Skye!

  4. I do not have any friends or family in the military. But thank you to all who serve.

    I cannot wait to start this book, I have it ready to go on the ereader but just need to find some time.

  5. Mina Gerhart

    I don’t have any family in the military, but to all you Ladies and Gentlemen in the armed forces/military Thank-you for choosing to do what needs to be done. You ladies and gentlemen make the world a safer and better place for everyone.

  6. Ursula Yost

    Thank you Jon and Jenna for you service in the US Navy. We love you and miss you. Your little Badger dog is waiting for your return.

  7. I grew up in a city with 5 military bases, so I have a healthy respect for men and women in uniform. My Dad was in the Navy and my Mom worked Civil Service for 40 years and I spent a lot of time on the post she worked on. One thing I know is that the people who serve do it because they know it’s an important job and they want to protect our freedom and rights and I thank them every day that they do. However, I want to also thank their families (wives, children, parents, siblings) for their service as well because while they may not be the one in the military they are there behind those men and women keeping the home fires burning and supporting them both while they are serving and after they return. They are a huge part of what keeps our military strong!

  8. This shows what kind of spit fire Rachel is…and she takes no crap from the guys. I love her!

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