Review: Getting Out of Hand

GettingOutOfHand Getting Out of Hand by Erin Nicholas

4 out of 5 Licks

Sapphire Falls, Book 1

Sapphire Falls has few good memories for Mason Riley. So what’s he doing in the middle of the annual town Festival/class reunion eleven years after leaving town without a look back?

Letting the most popular girl in town—then and now—kiss up to him.

Mason has come a long way from the nerdy outcast Sapphire Falls remembers. His genius IQ has helped him make a name for himself with everyone from the World Health Organization to the White House. He’s also got the bank account to make the Mayor of Sapphire Falls herself—the girl who broke his heart in high school and the one who now wants him to donate to the town’s big building project—take notice.

He can’t wait to tell her no in person.

Adrianne Scott loves Sapphire Falls. The sleepy little town where her college roommate was elected Mayor has been the perfect place to escape the fast-paced, high stress sales job she had in Chicago. She’s happy, healthy and the new project means her dream candy shop can now become a reality. Everything is good in her quiet life. Until Mason Riley comes home.

Mason sure doesn’t look—or kiss—like a socially awkward geek. In fact, he makes Adrianne’s heart pound like nothing she’s ever experienced. Which means she needs to stay far away from him.

A great plan, until her friends inform her that Mason’s donation to the project is dependent on keeping him away from the Mayor while he’s in town.

Now all Adrianne has to do is keep Mason busy, distracted and feeling good about—and generous toward— his hometown… oh, and avoid falling for the world-saving, nerd-turned-hot-guy in the process.

Another hit from Erin Nicholas.  Not one single time have I been disappointed in a book from Erin.  She does make me cry nearly every time I read one of her books, but in the end I always forgive her because I’m so damn happy with the couples.  I love nerdy characters and Mason is the best kind of nerd.  At one point he even takes notes ON Adrianne’s skin!  It can’t be all rainbows and sunshine though.  Mason and Ad go through a bit of a rough patch but they get back to deliriously happy in the end.  The tell tale sign you know this is an Erin Nicholas book is the use of food during the sexy stuff.  Erin loves finding new and inventive ways to use food in the bedroom, or shower, or kitchen, or back of a limo, or well you get the point.  😉  Don’t take my word for it, go grab this book now and see for yourself.

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