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CONTEST CLOSED: And the winners are Heidi Kreischer Johnson and Tricia Valentine-Riol! Congrats ladies! I’ve sent your emails to Jess and she will reach out to you for your mailing address.  Thanks for entering! 🙂


Today the wonderful Jess Dee is coming by to offer up an excerpt and a giveaway!!  Keep reading for more!


She’s tantalizing…tempting…and taken.

Tastes of Seduction, Book 2

When Andrew Stafford’s business partner banishes him from work with strict instructions to take a much-needed holiday, the offer of five days relaxing in wine country is too enticing to refuse. As is the woman he encounters the minute he arrives at the hotel.

She’s everything Andrew’s ever wanted in a partner, and meeting her should be the answer to all of his prayers. Except for one thing—she’s strictly off limits.

Tori Worthing has never been happier. She’s about to marry an amazing man, and her life is laid out perfectly before her—until her dream winery wedding becomes an unexpected nightmare. Her heart shattered, she turns to the one place she never expected to find comfort—a stranger’s arms.

Tori and Andrew both know theirs is a rebound affair destined to end when the week is over. But when the time comes, letting her go proves to be the hardest step Andrew’s ever had to take.

Warning: Jilted brides are not supposed to have this much fun. Especially when the fun involves a bottle of red, a sexy man, and getting naked in the rose garden at midnight.

Releasing August 5, 2014

Preorder from Samhain | Amazon | B&N

Exclusive Excerpt:

“Okay.” He nodded, frustratingly amenable to her assurances. “So if you refuse to take advantage of my body—which, by the way, is bloody disappointing—how are you going to deal with your pain and your anger?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Want to punch me?”

Tori stared at him, horrified. “God, no. Why would I want to do that?”

“To vent. It’ll help you work through your anger.”

“It might—if I was hitting Declan. Not you.”

“But he’s not here. So why not hit me and pretend it’s him?”

“I don’t want to hit you.” She wanted to fuck him.

“So what do you want to do?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know. Dull the pain somehow. Pretend it isn’t there. Pretend this isn’t the most mortifying, horrible night of my life.”

“Maybe you should give the wine another go?”

“Hmmm…” Maybe.

“It’ll dull the pain,” he said. “’Specially if you drink enough of it.”

When she thought about it, her mouth was dry. Parched. And a sip of wine—okay, a glass of wine, or a bottle—sounded tempting. She sat up. “Would you drink with me?”

He sat up too. “If you’d like me too.”

“I would. But we’d have to share a glass.”

“I can live with that. Unless, of course, you’re a wine hog and snarf it all before I even get a taste.”

She grinned. “I’m not a wine hog.”

“Sure about that?”

“Absolutely sure. Although…”


“Although I’ve never shared a glass with a stranger before.” She smiled at the irony of her words. A few minutes ago she’d almost licked the back of his throat—a memory that warmed her again instantly. And made her pussy pulse.

“There’s a first time for everything. I don’t have man germs. I promise.”

“Huge relief, since man germs were foremost on my mind.” Yep, right up there, just ahead of the memory of Noah’s messages.

“Then there’s nothing left for us to do but drink.” He leaned over to get the bottle.

His chest brushed against her side, hard and muscular, and his masculine scent hit her like a ton of bricks. Lemony, fresh and delicious. Desire, instantaneous and all-consuming, overwhelmed her.

Whatever assurances she’d given him evaporated with her next breath.

Tori jumped him. Again. Just slammed her body into his, knocked him flat on his back and kissed him.

God bless the man, Andrew let her. Allowed her to take complete advantage without muttering one objection.

She couldn’t get enough. He tasted so damned amazing. Like…like chocolate, only better. A decadent dessert: sweet, rich and forbidden.

If his tongue tasted like sugar heaven, his skin was a savory delight. She should know. Her mouth had moved from his, and she dragged it over his cheek, the hair-roughened skin scraping against her lips.

Ah, the man was a taste sensation. A treat to any palate.

There was no denying her actions were selfish, no hiding from that truth. But the understanding didn’t make her pull away. How could she, when his neck proved as delicious as his cheek? And mouth. And chin. Tori had an all-consuming need to find out if his chest was as appetizing.

The guttural groan that erupted from his throat only amplified the need.


His husky murmur reverberated straight through her bones, and she clawed at the hem of his T-shirt, desperate to get her mouth on his naked flesh, desperate to taste the salt of his chest.

Andrew didn’t fight her, didn’t point out that she was doing exactly what she’d promised not to.

If anything, he aided her, yanking the offending shirt up and hauling it over his shoulders, offering Tori what she sought. She dug in, kissing and licking every inch of his chest, moaning her pleasure out loud. Andrew was a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness. His chest was lean, broad and solid, and curly, dark hairs tickled her tongue and lips as she nipped at him.

She loved hair on a man’s chest. Hadn’t realized she’d missed it until right now. She placed her mouth over his left nipple and sucked it into her mouth.

Tension seemed to coil in his muscles as they stiffened beneath her.

“Victoria.” Her name was a soft growl, a warning, and she should have taken note, heard the caution he issued in his tone. But lost in the wonder of his body, she paid it no heed.

Which was how she found herself on her back a second later, with Andrew kneeling between her thighs, their positions now reversed. His breath was harsh, his chest heaving, and as he leaned over her, the heat of his erection burned through his jeans, searing the skin on her thigh.

“You have five seconds to back out of this. Five seconds to change your mind.” His voice was low, dangerous, and it sent a shiver straight up Tori’s spine. “You’re hurting, you’re upset and you’re acting on instinct, which is the only reason I’m giving you an out.” Hot breath rasped over her neck.

Goose bumps erupted down her arms.


Tori stared up into his eyes, thunderstruck by the change in him. Gone was the easygoing guy who’d made her laugh through her misery.


Up until now, he’d been content to let Tori be the aggressor. Perhaps he’d sensed her need to be in control of the situation.


Not anymore. Tori had lost control. She no longer had the freedom to do as she pleased. The knowledge was curiously arousing.


She swallowed but didn’t move an inch—unless she counted the involuntary shifting of her hips as she tried to lift her ass and rub her pussy against Andrew’s impressive erection.

“Run, Victoria,” he growled. “Run now.”

Her limbs liquefied. Even if she’d wanted to run, she’d have been powerless. Lust slammed into her, leaving her gasping beneath him.


Whew that was hot!  Ok let’s get to the other fun part.  😉


To celebrate the release of Red Red Wine Jess is offering up TWO signed print copies of her latest print release More Than This.  She is going to mail them straight from the land down under (AKA Australia) and this contest is open Internationally.  Click the link below to enter to win.  You have to answer the question in the Rafflecopter so I will be closing the comments on this post.  No cheating.  lol  Winners will be picked next week.  

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