Review: The Playboy’s Menage

22600814 The Playboy’s Menage by R.G. Alexander

3 out of 5 Licks

Billionaire Bachelors series Book 3

Henry Vincent and Peter Faraday have been friends forever. The royal rocker and polymath playboy have more than a few things in common. They’re both billionaires, they both love a challenge…and they’ve both carried a long-lasting torch for the woman that got away. Finding Holly again brings back feelings and memories neither one of them wanted to face. But they’ll have to if they want to share her. Keeping her from running again and making her admit how she feels about them will take teamwork. Hours of teamwork…and handcuffs.

We’ve reached the end of the Billionaire Bachelors series.  We finally find out if Henry and Peter will find their happy ending with the one that got away.  I think by now y’all know how much I enjoy sex in the books I read.  I don’t necessarily need a lot of it and I have read several books with no sex at all and enjoyed them as well, but I always feel a deeper connection between the characters when sex is involved.  All that said I actually felt like there was too much sex in this one.  Even though the characters knew each other in the past I felt like they needed to reconnect after 17 years apart.  Don’t get me wrong, there is dialog here I would have just liked to see more.  The sex between these three is steamy and inventive.  They certainly don’t stick tot he bedroom for their exploits.  In the end we get to catch up with all the guys and their women.  I always love seeing everyone again at the end of a series.  I’m even holding out hope that we might get one more quicky story to get the final HEAs for everyone.  😉

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One thought on “Review: The Playboy’s Menage

  1. I agree, this felt like we need another. I wanted more info on Ms Anonymous – like who she is. The voyeur in me I guess.

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