Review: Never Been Kissed

NeverBeenKissed72lg Never Been Kissed by Mari Carr

4 out of 5 Licks

Two’s Company. Three is perfection.

Second Chances, book 5

Shelly MacIsaac has pretty much given up all hope. Hope that she’ll lose weight, that she’ll find any excitement in life, that there will ever be any man in her bed besides Barney, her cat.

When her friend Zoey suggests the wine girls come up with resolutions for the New Year, Shelly latches onto the one everyone expects her to choose—the tried-and-true commitment to go on a diet and get into shape. Deep inside, however, Shelly knows she needs to change a lot more than just her physical appearance.

After a year licking his wounds over a broken romance, Christian is through. He’s been quietly lusting after Shelly at work, and he’s not wasting any more time. There’s something about her that makes him believe she’s the one. Unfortunately, Shelly’s kickboxing instructor, Lance—Christian’s best friend—has set his sights on the sweet blonde as well.

Instead of pistols at dawn, the two friends come up with a deliciously erotic answer to their shared dilemma—if the shy beauty will accept their racy proposal.

Warning: There is a chance this story will encourage you to go on a diet and begin an intense exercise regime. After all, flavored body lube is low cal, right? And sex is a great way to burn calories.

I’ve been waiting for this book to release since I read Fix You.  I’ve dealt with self-esteem issues all my life so this book really hit home for me.  I found myself crying so hard a few times I couldn’t see to read.  Mari does a wonderful job of expressing Shelly’s thoughts and feelings.  I’m glad that Shelly found herself with not just one but two men.  It was beautiful to watch Shelly’ confidence grow.  The only reason I didn’t give it 5 licks is because it dragged a little for me in the middle.  It does pick back up though and as usual Mari took a hard subject and turned it into a soulful journey with steamy sex thrown in for fun too.  

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One thought on “Review: Never Been Kissed

  1. Thank you. This just arrived on my kindle along with a couple other hot must reads. Lovely review. I might put this one first. 😉 I need to go read now.

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