Review: Three Times Lucky

threetimeslucky Three Times Lucky

Ménage by Monday by Louisa Bacio
Playtime by Dorothy F. Shaw
Darkest Dreams by Solera Winters
Made for Two by Kim Carmichael
A Perfect Fit by Sascha Illyvich
Lucky Three & His Reward by Chelle

2.5 out of 5 Licks

This box set just didn’t pull me in.  The shorter the book the less opportunity to build your characters, make the reader like them, and want to see them happy.  Some of the stories were all over the board for me.  There were plot lines that showed up and then never went anywhere.  A couple of the stories just didn’t feel well developed for me.  The premises were interesting enough but the stories just fell a little short.  Playtime by Dorothy F. Shaw was my favorite of the bunch followed by Menage by Monday by Louisa Bacio.  Playtime was extremely hot and filled with sex. I would have liked to seen more story development but the relationship between the girls really did shine through.  Menage by Monday had some slow moments, but I wanted to see the characters make it together.  Louisa did a good job making me care about the three friends.

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  1. Dorothy

    Thanks for the review! Hugs!

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