Buy One, Get One Free = One for You and One for Me

Now we are going to try something a little different.  Tina Hubbard has written a guest post for us.  There is even a link to coupons!  Yay! I’m eyeing that new We-Vibe hard!  I have the first version of the We-Vibe and it is awesome! The new updated one looks amazing!

For years I was the type of person who diligently planned out holiday purchases for each person on my list, always making sure that my budget was rock-solid from the get go. But every year, without fail, unexpected gift expenses will do me under.

It’s a situation we’ve all been put in around the holidays. A coworker or neighbor brings you something more than a tin of cookies and suddenly you’re scrambling around the house trying to find something that doesn’t look too “used.” Or you pull out one of two completely transparent excuses including, “Your gift is in the mail!” or “Oh, shoot. I haven’t had a chance to wrap your gift yet!” I’ve been there, and it always ends the same way. So there I am, back out at the store, dipping into the budget my husband and I put together for our own celebrations.

So a few years back I changed my tactic and started buying things that my husband and I liked or wanted for ourselves, but that I could keep wrapped just in case I needed them later on. They’re what Hello Bee refers to as “Backup Gifts.” If I get an unexpected gift, great! They can have these wonderful holiday candle holders. I don’t need anything more than what I planned for? Great! I get to keep those sweet holiday candle holders.

But this year, the new hubs and I are trying to save some money. No big deal, right? Well it wasn’t. That is until he threw me a curveball, saying the only thing he wanted was, to put it nicely, make our nights a little less silent this holiday season.

Now, that’s not to say that our sex life is boring. However, when you’re trying to cut costs and your guy tells you that all he needs to be happy for the holiday season is you, wearing nothing but a smile, you can’t help but want to give a guy something extra special.

As you can probably guess, that’s where my backup gift plan gets tricky. It seems impossible to get gifts that could possibly be used for someone else, that you really bought for the purpose of having an awesome night of sex with your husband, right?

Wrong! This year I have successfully completed the impossible.

While I have a few friends who find a dildo beautifully dressed up with a Christmas bow nothing short of hysterical, I decided it best to keep things relatively sensible. I bought some Suntouched Massage Candles that are great for setting the mood, but tame enough that they could easily be used in a pinch as a last-minute gift for anyone. Then I filled my online shopping cart with some romance novels like Falling or Flying, which I know my girlfriends love. That way, if I need to give my neighbor one of the gifts I have planned for my friend Sarah, I have a backup I know she will enjoy just as much. Win-win.

Then I did a little responsible splurging using one of the coupons at Adam and Eve to buy a We-Vibe 4 Plus. Maybe it’s not something you’d want to give to the elderly secretary at your office after she gives you a hand-knitted sweater, but I definitely have some friends who I’m sure would be thrilled with it. If you’re wondering how a vibrator is something my husband would be interested in, I’ll admit, the benefits of that little toy are pretty obviously for me, but the tech side of it is a real draw for my husband.

Last year, he spent an hour tinkering with and setting up our new Smart TV. Well, this year I can almost guarantee he’ll do the same with a vibrator that uses wireless, Bluetooth technology, iPhone apps, and a rechargeable remote. Plus, let’s be honest, including a vibrator in our sex life relieves him of some of the pressure to get me to the big O. Also, when it’s easier to get there, it’s likely we’ll both be up for fooling around more often.

All and all, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

At the end of the day, I know my husband and I will be happy spending some time together, and if we get to include fun, new toys in the mix, all the better. But even if they end up being used in the grand scheme of backup gifts, it’ll still make us happy knowing that no one we care about was left feeling forgotten.

But hey, not everyone can finish their shopping at an adult store—I get it. So if you’re not feeling up to the challenge, I’ll leave you with this parting gift of wisdom instead: If you’re not going to have extra gifts around, I’d recommend not using “I haven’t wrapped your gift yet,” as an excuse. All it takes is one person insisting the wrapping doesn’t matter and you’ll be left frantically searching for an already-opened can of Moravian ginger spice cookies and a bow.


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One thought on “Buy One, Get One Free = One for You and One for Me

  1. OMG! WhAt great ideas! Thank you! I’m putting these into practice immediately 🙂

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