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MedWhatMattersMost What Matters Most by Erin Nicholas

5 out of 5 Licks

The Billionaire Bargains, Book 2

Things come easy to Tony Steele. Money. Women. A good time. It’s all a piece of cake. Until that cake turns into the wedding cake of Tony’s best friend and the woman of Tony’s dreams, Reese Chaplin.

Tony can’t fix this problem by writing a check. And when Tony finds out his “friend” has been cheating on the woman who’s stolen his heart, he doesn’t hesitate to steal her away. Even if it’s her wedding day.

Nothing about Reese’s big day goes according to plan. She walks down the aisle to marry one man, and winds up in a tawdry Vegas chapel marrying another. After a hot night with Tony, the only thing Reese regrets is she’s the only one who can remember it-thanks to a few too many shots of tequila. Reese doesn’t want Tony’s money, but admitting they’ve made a mistake and walking away from him isn’t easy. Especially when she begins to catch glimpses of the man behind the wallet.

Product Warnings:
Contains a billionaire playboy who can’t handle his tequila, a Vegas wedding, hot phone sex (and other kinds of hot sex), and a woman who knows how to make a point-even if it requires jumping out of an airplane.

I’m purring like a happy kitty so I must have finished an Erin Nicholas book  Every single time I finish one of her books I sit back and sigh with pure pleasure.  It’s a wonder how she manages to write such satisfyingly sweet romances that have dirty sex involving food.  lol  I couldn’t wait to read Tony’s story.  We got a taste of him in No Matter What and I knew he would be so much more than what he seemed.  Tony comes across as a carefree playboy but he really is a big teddy bear.  He’s wanted Reese for so long, but never made a move because the women always come to him.  Much to his dismay his best friend wound up with the woman he wanted.  When he finds out his friend cheated on Reese, he couldn’t let her marry him without knowing the truth.  They jet off to Vegas to help her forget her woes and wind up married themselves.  Tony wants to take full advantage of this unplanned wedding and he doesn’t plan on letting her go know that he has her.  Things go great for a little while but reality comes crashing in and all he wants is his marriage to Reese back.  As usual I couldn’t put down this book once I started and I never wanted it to end.  

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