Review: All That Matters

all-that-matters All That Matters by Erin Nicholas

4 out of 5 Licks

The Billionaire Bargains, Book 3

Will Weston knows Emily Steele is too good for him. She’s too good for any of the guys he knows-even if he does know an astonishing number of suave, handsome millionaires. But Emily’s special. And he thought so even before he realized he had a little crush on his boss’s niece.

Emily Steele would definitely consider herself intelligent and worldly. Born into privilege, she’s been exposed to travel, culture and the best education. A billionaire’s daughter, Emily is used to having everything she could ever need or want-cars, clothes, trips. But she isn’t used to being single. When she decides she needs a break from her eight year relationship with the only boy she’s ever even dated, Emily realizes she has a lot to learn. About the world and herself. And men. Definitely about men.

A friend’s bachelorette party in New Orleans is the perfect place to get in touch with her inner vixen. Some drinking, dancing, flirting and fun seems like a great plan. Too bad she knows nothing about flirting. And has never actually met her inner vixen.

When Emily’s uncle insists that his assistant, Will, accompany Emily to New Orleans, he knows it’s not a good idea. The minute she was single, he suddenly became all too aware of how beautiful, charming and interesting she is. And that can only mean trouble. But when Emily offers Will’s best friend a million dollars to be her date for the weekend instead, there is no way Will is staying behind.

Warning: Contains a woman with enough money to buy a date for a weekend in New Orleans, a guy who’s never going to let that happen, a bachelorette party on Bourbon Street, hot sex to slow jazz and beignets… because there has to be beignets.

I was wondering if Emily would get her own book in this series.  I wasn’t sure since she was a teenager when we first met her.  I love that we not only get her story but we also get a bit of a sneak peek into the lives of Adam & Jaden and Tony & Reese-BONUS!!  I was worried how I would feel about this one since Emily is clearly not with Chad anymore and they started dating way back in No Matter What.  But of course Erin makes it all work out just like she always does.  Things were moving along as planned and when had proposes to Emily she decides they both need to explore a little before they commit to each other for the rest of their lives.  This makes perfect sense since they’ve never experienced romance with anyone else.  I knew things were going to get good when Reese was encouraging Emily to use Will to test her flirting and fling skills.  And boy do things get good!  Will makes an effort to let Emily have the chance to flirt around but he can’t let her near anyone else.  Of course we have to throw in some tension so Emily freaks out after they hook up.  The lead up to the sex was crazy hot and so worth the build up!  It was freaking HOT!!!! As I’ve come to expect from an Erin Nicholas book I was hooked from the start and never wanted to stop reading.  I also never wanted this one to end.  I have my fingers crossed for more in this series.  I’m thinking I need a story for Chad-hint hint.  😉       

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