Review: No More Talking

no-more-talking No More Talking by Rhian Cahill

3 out of 5 Licks

It’s all…or nothing.

Hearts Are Wild, Book 1

Zac Moreland knew he shouldn’t act on the sizzling attraction between him and his best friend’s little sister. But act he did, and he can’t forget that one night he let the heat between them burn.

Now, after months of doing everything in his power to avoid a repeat performance, he’s ready to admit defeat—and ready to go up in flames all over again.

Freddie never understood why Zac gave her the hottest night of her life and then the cold shoulder. But what she does know is that her eyes are wide open when it comes to Zac, and he better understand that this time she isn’t settling for anything less than everything.

Product Warnings

Two people learning to be more than friends and a big brother ready to spill blood.

Yay a new series!!  I just can’t get enough of series books and this one is even the best friends siblings troupe-sigh.  Rhian wastes no time getting right to the sexy stuff.  Some seriously hot sex goes down between Freddie and Zac-well Freddie goes down first, but you can read all about that.  I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun.  😉  While this is the start of a new series I feel like I was missing a piece of the puzzle by not reading Red Light, Green Light (West and Kelsey’s story).  I am making a guess that we get the back story of Zac and Freddie’s story.  This book is still enjoyable overall, but I feel like it would have been better if I knew the past piece that is clearly there between them.  Zac’s indecisiveness was frustrating at times, but when a man decides to go after his best friends sister (whom he also happens to be good friends with) I think he’s allowed a little crazy thinking.  I also thought that more would come of Freddie’s eating disorder, but after the initial passionate thinking about it nothing more was said about it.  It felt like there was a lot crammed in the beginning and then the end just fizzled a bit.  It is a novella length book so there wasn’t a lot of time for the readers to get deeply emotionally invested in the characters.  Overall I enjoyed seeing the sparks engulf Freddie and Zac and I’m looking forward to more in this series.    

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