Audio Review: Super Nova

f4b72b58-6358-47ab-afbb-4e2b5a822179 Super Nova by Jayne Rylon

4 out of 5 Licks

Hot Rods, Book 3

Kaige “Super Nova” Davis doesn’t carry a chip on his shoulder. It’s more like a beast in his belly…and right now the monster he’s fought so hard to tame is growling to unleash its legendary temper.

Eli has gone behind his back and hired a marketing consultant. But when Kaige storms into the office to give Eli hell, one look at the mocha-skinned brunette seated across the desk flips a switch in his brain. And in his pants.

Nola Brown has never experienced Kaige’s powerful brand of sexual charisma. He makes her want to ditch her professional façade and be herself—a mistake she can’t afford to make. Yet just as he talks her defenses down—and proves that grease marks look just as good on her skin as a silk suit—she stumbles in on one of the Hot Rods’ late-night, full-throttle sessions.

Now Kaige wonders if she’ll embrace this glimpse of their future, or if she’ll run as fast as her killer stilettos can take her.

Warning: Contains a garage full of hot, passionate men who are good with their hands, and a woman who isn’t afraid to get a little down and dirty. And cute puppies. And did we mention hot men?

Holy hotness!!  Let’s jump toward the end of this one for a second so I can tell you that there is a giant sexy free for all in this book.  I’m talking the Hot Rods AND The Powertools Crew all in one place.  Now they don’t all play together together but they are all in one place getting it on.  These are my favorite parts of these books because I love trying to catch a mistake.  There are so many moving parts (ha) in these big group scenes, but I’ve yet to catch a mistake yet from Jayne.  Ok back to the beginning.  I was excited about this one because we get a new comer to the group.  The first two books in the series have only involved original Hot Rods members.  And to be honest there are so many of them that it’s a good thing we got to books to get to know them a little better.  Sometimes listening to the books is a bit confusing because each of the guys is mentioned by their real names and their nicknames.  The switches actually feel really natural, they just made me a little dizzy from time to time.  Nola was a great addition to the team.  She has all the sass necessary to keep Kaige reigned in and make him happy.  These two were perfect for each other.  There first meeting is full of attitude from Kaige, but even then he knew she was something special.  They have some amazingly sexy moments on their own and then with the rest of the Hot Rods.  I enjoyed the email exchanges between them too.  They shared a lot of keyboard action before they moved to touching!  I’m so looking forward to continuing my way through this series.  Rebel is coming up next and it certainly sounds like it is going to be a doozy!       

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