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I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude to Kitty for letting me take up some space on her awesome Smutty Kitty site. Kitty, you’re a gem, and I’m honored to know you! So, a big THANK YOU to you, and when I see you I’ll give you a tight boobie mashing hug!

Kitty asked me to do a character interview…because apparently she loves them. Well, the kitty gets what she wants, right? You got it!

Now, some authors might not find this “breaking the 4th wall” thing an easy task, but not me. And I’ll tell you why. Not too long ago, when I was first writing—or trying to write—I was also a teensy-weensy bit obsessed with twitter. I may not have been able to get a story from my head and onto the damn page, but I sure did have a lot of characters running around my brain. My solution to dealing with this was to create twitter accounts for them. I had at least 4 separate twitter accounts, each one belonging to a character in my head. And we wonder why they say writers are schizophrenics with an outlet? Yeah, this might be partly why. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I still have those accounts, though I don’t use them anymore…except maybe one.

Needless to say, interview one of my characters? Psshaw…no problem.

My newest release, Unworthy Heart, came out May 5th. This book…oh dear, there’s a whole story behind this book, but that’s for another time—

Here’s a little bit about the book…


Unworthy Heart, book 1 in The Donnellys series.

Opposites not only attract, sometimes they spontaneously combust.

Ryan Donnelly’s past relationship may have failed, but he’s determined to make single fatherhood and his career a resounding success. He’s got his eye on the top of the ladder at an L.A. marketing firm when his gaze snags on co-worker Maiya Rossini.

She’s a feisty, witty, tattooed redhead who’s nowhere near his type, but she pushes every one of his hot buttons.

Maiya clawed her way out of her dysfunctional, trailer-park childhood to earn a college degree and establish a promising career. Her future dreams are big, bright and packed with full-throttle fun, but when it comes to matters of the heart and men—especially stuffy corporate types like Ryan—her past slams on the emotional brakes.

In the office and in the bedroom, Maiya and Ryan rub each other in all the right ways. Though Maiya is everything Ryan didn’t know he wanted, he’s got his work cut out for him convincing her she’s worthy of love—or the bright light she’s brought to his life could slip through his fingers.

Warning: Contains a lot of graphic, yummy sex. To those prone to lock their bedroom doors, fair warning. In this book, there are no doors, only windows. With no curtains. For those who aren’t afraid to keep their eyes wide open: Enjoy the show!

Buy it from Samhain | Amazon | B&N | ARe | iTunes | Kobo

Now that we’re oriented, let’s get on with the interview, shall we? Yes! Today we’re going to talk to Maiya, and honestly I have no idea what I’m going to ask, and more over, I have no idea how she’s going to answer.

Here goes…

Q: Tell me, Maiya, what was your impression of Ryan when you were first working with him?

A: Ryan was a pain in my ass. LOL Hands down, no questions asked, pain in my freaking ass! But his voice was really sexy. Gah, the jerk reeled me in: hook, line and sinker! I didn’t even see it coming.

Q: Tell me about the significance of the song “Nobody’s Girl” by Bonnie Raitt?

A: Ugh, that damn song. Killing me. That song was me. Was. It’s about a girl who never lets anyone in. Ever. She belongs to no one but herself. And it’s a choice she makes, but it’s a lonely one. When a person grows up like I did? It kinda fucks them up—makes them afraid to let anyone too close because they don’t want to be hurt. When I hear it now, I’m glad I don’t live or feel like that anymore.

Q: Many people have asked me if you’re me simply because: red hair, tattoos, corporate job, etc. How alike do you think we really are?

A: Aside from the red hair, tattoos and working in a corporate environment? We’re nothing alike. You got issues, chica! For real, I mean, think about it, you have people like me running around your head, like all the time. And your mom wasn’t a drunk…so that’s a big one right there. I dunno, I guess if I really think about it, in a way we are alike. We both clawed our way from our own versions of hell, and I got out with issues and so did you. We just have different ones. So, that was clear, right? LOL As clear as mud.

Q: What was your most serious relationship, you know, before Ryan?

A: Easy. I hadn’t had one. I mean, yeah, sure, I had boyfriends ahh-plenty, but no one I loved. No one I wanted to sleep next to, or pick up after. Or listen to snore at night…wait, I’m off topic. You got me, right? ;-P

Q: So, do you see marriage in your future? Kids?

A: Dorothy, if I told you that then I’d have to kill you. Come on, chica…how ‘bout we tell everyone what your favorite author J.R. Ward says? KEEP READING! Heh!

Q: Let’s talk tats…as you know I have a few myself, so which ones of yours are significant?

A: They’re all significant. They’re part of my life’s journey, and the way I saw my life. I think I want some new stuff soon…running out of real estate though! The flowers represent life and living it in bright color. The day of the dead girl, she wears her mask. I used to wear one too, but only because there were parts of me too raw to be exposed to the air. Now, she’s just a part of where I came from and what I survived.

Q: Do you prefer to be the Alpha in a relationship?

A: Hahahahahahahaha! Oh, hell. Didn’t expect that one. Whew! Let’s see…the answer to that question, before Mr. Pretty-Corporate-Boy, was a solid, yes. Now? Let’s just say, Ryan changed the whole game. Don’t get me wrong, outside of the bedroom I’m still bitchy and pushy and snarky…but in the bedroom? Ahem…he’s got the reins. And let’s just say, that works for me.

Q: Why red?

A: Better question is, why not red? Red suits me, as well as the blonde and black in it. And I know you get it—yours is just as bright!

Q: Do you miss freak night and the mosh pits?

A: Hell fucking yes I miss it! Talk about a damn stress reliever. And you know, you’d think in LA I’d be able to find something similar, but there’s nothing like that club in Vegas. I’ll have to talk Ryan into a visit!

Q: Lastly, what song best describes you now?

A: This is a really hard one, Dorothy. Seriously, chica, that’s like…hmm. Okay, I think…”Ready to Lose” by Ingrid Michaelson. Of course you didn’t have that one on my playlist for the book, but I think it fits now. Or at least fits me and Ryan the best.

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